Sunday, November 4, 2012

5 months x2

Levi and Addy are almost six months old now so I better get this done!


Weight: Not completely sure... prob about 14.5lb

Clothing Size: 6 months, going on 9 months!

Diaper Size: 2

Nicknames: Giant Baby, Porkchop, Little Fly Guy

Food: Gentlease Formula. Right before bed and first thing in the morning he takes 6 oz, otherwise its 5oz- usually every 2-3 hours.

Sleep: Levi is such a good napper! He usually wakes up between 5-6am for his bottle and will occassionally go make to sleep, but is often up for a couple of hours before going down for his first nap. He usually takes 3 good naps, and a couple cat naps. Bedtime is about 7:30 or 8pm. He might stir a couple of times during the night, but rarely wakes up. Such a good sleeper!

Firsts: Rolling over! He is now rolling over as soon as we put him on the floor. Got another new cousin- baby Alex. Max's Birthday party. Picking out pumpkins. Going in the jumper.

Life with Levi: Levi is such a sweetheart! He loves to cuddle and "gives kisses." He will pretty much laugh at anything- even if something scares him (which most things do!) he still laughs at it! He loves toys and gets the best determined look on his face when he wants something. He is getting to be a good toy thief and tries to take whatever Addy has! He still has reflux issues and we are pretty vigilant about making sure he gets his Zantac. He hasn't really had a laryngospasm in a while so hopefully as long as we stay on top of the reflux, he has outgrown those horrible horrible things! He loves chewing on anything he can get his grubby paws on. He loves his nuks and really loves his blankie! He talks a lot and while social, he is a little reserved at first.


Weight: Not really sure... prob about 13lbs

Clothing Size: 6 months

Diaper Size: 2

Nicknames: Bug, Buggy, Buggers, Buggy Buggy Boo Boo

Food: Expressed breastmilk. She usually takes 6oz at her morning feeding and right before bed. Otherwise she'll eat 4-5oz about every 3 hours.

Sleep: Great little sleeper at night! Usually goes to sleep around 7:30- 8pm. Addy will either wake up at about 1 am or when Levi wakes up 5 am for her bottle. She might take a decent morning or afternoon nap but otherwise she just takes little cat naps.

Firsts: Also rolling over! She rolled over one morning when I wasn't looking! Little stinker! Got another new cousin- baby Alex. Max's birthday party. Picking out pumpkins. Going in the jumper.

Life with Addy: Addy is so funny. Not only does she think every thing and everyone is amusing but she is pretty hilarious herself. She is so happy and just wants to be in the middle of all the action. She will fight sleep for as long as she can, just because she is worried she will miss something! When Dave tickles her she has this real low belly laugh, but otherwise she has the highest pitch shrieks. She loves to chew on her fingers and toys. She gets a little crabby when she can't get to her toes. She definitely has a bit of an attitude and wants to get her way! She is very social and loves watching her brothers.

Some more cute pictures of the small people: