Max, The Little Man

This is Max.

He is awesome.

He is funny, smart, completely adorable and loves to eat. After a couple years of fertility treatments, surgeries and frustration, Max arrived in October of 2008. We were instantly in love. But Max has given us a run for our money. Since the beginning he has had problems with reflux and developed a milk allergy around nine months. Around his second birthday, Max was "diagnosed" with autism.
We are still very new to this world of autism and all that it entails. Max has started therapy and is doing very well. He is a very chatty little guy, especially if it involves the Wonder Pets or food! Max constantly cracks us up and knows he is insanely cute. Max definitely has his own way of doing things and thinking about things. We are learning how to live in his world and draw him into ours. I am so thankful for our little man and the joy and laughter he brings into our lives.