Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Computer is annoying

I have been mostly absent the last couple of weeks because every time I put pressure on my keyboard or move it, it shuts off.... Definitely doesn't sit well with my pregnancy hormones! So I've just been avoiding my computer lately!

Anyways, we did hear back from the gym that was rude to Max and his friend, A. A's mom and I were a little confused by their response. The owner didn't seem that apologetic for the rude behavior and basically stood by their decision that children either need to leave the floor or participate in circle. I understand their reasoning, but think that they need to make it obvious to everyone, at the beginning of "open" gym. Otherwise, it becomes unfair to children that cannot participate. Had we known at the beginning of "open" gym that circle time was required or else we had to leave the floor, then I would have planned to have Max have a snack during that time. But when they wait until a child presents themselves that can't participate, it appears (and feels) like that child is being singled out due to their disability. And this doesn't sit well with their moms!!
The owner offered us a free pass, so I think we will go back again and see how things are. Regardless of how they were treated- they didn't know it. And they really liked it there. So we want to take them back... hopefully they've made expectations clear from the beginning.

I've been busy with trying to get things done before the babies arrive or I'm just too big to do anything! I am 23 weeks, 4 days today and I can't believe how fast things are going! I am definitely feeling an urge to get things done and done soon!! The nursery is getting painted this week and as soon as it's ready I'll show some pictures!!


Ellie's Light

Fleece Blanket Drive in honor of Ellie's 2nd Birthday!

We will be collecting new fleece blankets for the Children's Hospital until Feb. 15th. If you would like to donate one- click HERE for the details!!

Thank you!


crystal said...

Max's smile will melt your heart. He is so handsome. Then you have Ellie and her beautiful eyes that just catch your eye :) You are looking so cute pregnant. Hope all is going well with you guys.

Harlowe said...

Max is just too cute for words.

Robin said...

I'm glad to hear you care so much for your children, you are both willing to stomach going in there again, and possibly seeing D-Bag. I'm not so sure I'd be able to handle stepping toe in there again, lol. Good luck next time you visit there! You're looking great BTW! Praying for you always!

Ashley said...

Glad to see you back on here!!! You look amazing, pregnancy definitely looks great on you!

I do want to send a blanket, can you email me your address!!

Beth said...

Wow! Okay, you are like all belly. I wish I looked half as good pregnant. I was a hot mess and swollen like a balloon ;) You are GORGEOUS. Sending wishes always for a smooth and gentle rest-of-the-pregnancy (or however you say it). Absolutely adore that picture of Ellie. She is such a beautiful angel.

Natasha said...

Sorry your computer was being crappy :( You look great as always! I hope the next gym day goes better than the last one <3

NewYearMum said...

Max is adorable... such a gorgeous smile :) You look amazing too :)) Love that photo of Ellie... such a sweetheart xoxo

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