Monday, July 23, 2012

Two months x2

Two months... It feels like I just had them yesterday but it feels like they've been here for longer than 8 weeks at the same time...

They are definitely growing and getting more fun every day. But I would be lying if I didn't say the last month wasnt stressful. Levi and Addy have spent more time with our pediatrician than with some grandparents! We've had a stomach bug for through the house and left Levi down half a pound. Levi had a high fever just before hitting the 60 day old mark which meant an ER trip, lumbar puncture and another round of feeling yucky from IV antibiotics. Addy has started power puking for no apparent reason several nights a week. We have become very paranoid of puke!

But don't get me wrong, it hasn't been all dirty laundry and co-pays. Both Levi and Addy are getting more interactive each day and are developing their little personalities. The best part has got to be their smiles!!


Weight: 10lbs

Length: 22 inches

Clothing: 3 months

Diaper: size one

Food: Gentlease formula. We are hoping to re-introduce breast milk and have no bloody stools. He eats about every two hours and 3-4oz at a time

Sleep: wakes up about 6am for a bottle and is up, happily, for a couple of hours. Then sleeps on and off for the rest of the day- usually one good long stretch in the afternoon. Asleep for then night about 8-9pm. Wakes once or twice for a bottle then goes back to sleep.

The bad: the stomach bug which led to an incredible amount of puking and some weight loss. A fever that led to an ER visit and all the horribleness that goes along with that. Reflux- poor guy has it bad, especially in the evening :( doesn't really like being outside- especially if there is a breeze!

The Good: the smiles- holy cuteness! Same with the cooing. He gained his puke weight back to problem is now bigger than Addy once again. They have discontinued his apnea monitor and will be picking it up this week! Levi still has the laryngospasms several times a week but he can now handle them and work his way out. awesome head control and loves looking around! We have started giving him a blanket to cuddle and he loves it! Didn't even cry at his shots- just stuck his lip out.

Firsts: smiling at six weeks. Cooing at 7weeks. Good head control at 7 weeks. Toes in the grass- didn't like, same with the pool water! First Major Holiday- 4th of July

Life with Levi: the last few weeks he has definitely gotten more laid back. He pretty much only cries to eat- but he goes from perfectly happy to hysterical in two seconds! You'll know he's hungry because he'll start snorting! He's a cuddler and very generous with his smiles. Such a sweetie! He has the funniest expressions- whether he is interested in something or terrified, happy or mad, it's written all over his face.


Weight: 9lb 10oz

Length: 21 inches

Clothing: 3 months

Diaper: size one

Food: since lil missy has what's called a "lazy latch" she is getting all of her liquid gold (breast milk) in a bottle. She never figured out how to latch and sometimes has a hard time, especially in the evening and at night, latching onto her bottle. She eats anywhere from 2-4 oz about 2-3 hours. Often times feelings are a struggle with her... Evenings are awful! She acts hungry and is hungry but resists the bottle and makes herself gag. And she SCREAMS! And if her milk isn't at the perfect temperature- nice and warm- she will NOT eat it!

Sleep: an all-star sleeper! She has slept through the night several times now. If she does wake up, it's usually just once to eat. Although sometimes she doesn't want to be put back down afterward. She's like her Mommy and likes to be up late and sleep in. Addy is up until ten or eleven most nights.

The Bad: Several times a week for the last few weeks Addy has thrown up ALL over everything once in the evening. It started at the tail end of the stomach bug so we assumed it was that. She had bad diapers and didn't feel well from the bug but never puked like the rest of us. But then it continued after she was feeling better. So we stopped the Zantac. Still continued... Hmmm... We are going to try her on Prilosec to see if that helps. Or maybe she is just going to keep puking until we let her throw up on Levi- after all he threw up in her face (rough play mat session!) Hopefully it will at least help her evening fussiness. This coming week Addy has to have her hips looked at via ultrasound to check for hip dysplasia (really?! This too?!). Dr. C says she has some signs and being breech puts her at a higher likelihood... Hopefully if she does have, we can get away with just a harness to correct the problem- otherwise is casting or maybe surgery... I really REALLY hope her little hips are perfect! Casts would really suck!

The Good: she's growing like a weed and being such a good little sleeper! The smiles and how intently she watches her toys! When she plays on her play mat she smiles at the toys- its pretty adorable! Her hair is growing! It's very blonde so it's rather hard to see but it's there and her head is getting all soft and fuzzy.

Firsts: smiling at six weeks. Starting to coo at eight, almost nine weeks. Holding up head very well at 7 weeks. Toes in the grass and pool water- liked them both. Coffee with the ladies. First major holiday- 4th of July!

Life with Addison: our little "Buggy" who was so quiet and easy the first few weeks, has decided to become a little more high maintenance. Besides her evening fussiness, needing her bottle at a certain temperature, she will only go to sleep at night if it's dark and quiet. We bought a portable sound machine for her because during the day she won't stay asleep in there is any noise in her vicinity. When Addy ain't happy, ain't no one happy! But when she is happy, she tosses out those smiles left and right! She wants what she wants and there is no convincing her otherwise. She uses her bottom lip to get picked up quickly and then flashes a smile to let us know that we've been manipulated by a 2 month old. She is definitely a little but of a stinker! But a cute stinker!



Mary said...

They are ADORABLE! I can't believe they're 2 months old already. Wow time flies!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Oh my, they are just so precious. I know your heart has been broken so deeply and I am thankful that God has given you these two joys to love. ((HUGS))

Kelly said...

I love them!

ccc said...

I am just getting caught up with blogger after being off for some time. Wow! Your babies are so adorable! From what you write it sounds as though they are doing well, even though you seem to not be able to stay away from drs!! I am so happy that all is well in your household and you sound happy too.

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