Monday, August 27, 2012

Three months x2

Time is flying by!! I don't even know where the last three months have gone!!
Well actually I know exactly where it's gone-- diaper changes, feeding, pumping, therapy, driving, Ellie's Light fundraiser... It definitely has not gone to sleeping though!!

So the babies turned three months old on the 18th... A quarter of a year- a third of Ellie's life...


Weight: not really sure- haven't been weighed in awhile

Clothing size: just switched most things over to six months.

Diaper: size one- almost at size two

Nicknames: My Little Fly Guy, Yucky Ducky, Mister

Food: Gentlease formula about every two to three hours during the day. I tried giving him breast milk again but it came back up right away- like almost as soon as it hit his stomach- and he was miserable and pukey for the rest of the night. So formula it is. I hate that I have all this breast milk in the freezer and here he is on formula.- but oh well. He's growing- he's healthy- and he's not writhing in reflux pain so that's the most important thing.

Sleep: Current growth spurt aside- Levi usually wakes up once a night for a bottle and wakes between 6-7am for another. He usually goes back to sleep for an hour or so, but sometimes he's up to play for awhile. Levi goes to sleep at night fairly easily- usually between 8-9pm. He is still sleeping in his rock and play but we really need to get him out of it though!

The Bad: At his two month check up his pediatrician casually mentioned that he might have some mild torticollis. After really looking at him and watching him for about a week, I noticed that his face wasn't really symmetrical and that he was starting to get a flat spot on the back of his due to his preference on what way his head laid. We have also since noticed that he holds his body in a "C" shape. This is all related to being a multiple and the way that he was laying in the womb. So he gets PT once a week, the chiropractor, and lots of tummy time, as well as some stretching. We don't think he will need a helmet to fix his flat spot since we hopefully caught it early enough. Levi is still having laryngospasms from his reflux and I feel so bad for him when it happens. At least he can now handle it and we've never had a episode like the first one!

The Good: The smiles and laughs. Levi has a great laugh and loves to "chat." He can be very loud and serious and I swear that he understands what we are talking about sometimes! My 17year old cousin has been helping me out this summer (actually I don't know how I would have survived without her!) and Levi is rather smitten with her. Anytime we talk to him about his Kaelin he smiles and laughs. He just loves her! It's adorable!

Firsts: Started getting interested in watching his toys at bought nine weeks old. Started grabbing for them at about 13 weeks. County fair at 12 weeks old- he hated it! It was bright and sunny, and the road was bumpy.

Life with Levi: Levi is such a little sweetie. He is generous with the smiles and laughs, and is very vocal. He is very animated and sometimes the faces he makes are hilarious! He can be very serious and concerned but it easily amused! He doesn't really like being outside- not a fan of the sunshine or the wind. He's pretty laid back but usually wakes up crying. His cry is very high pitched and whiny- he sure knows how to get you hoppin'! Although my husband has declared Levi our most disgusting child, I just love the way he smells- it's intoxicating! He loves bath time! He goes insane and splashes like crazy! We get soaked!


Weight: not sure

Clothing size: I took out the six months clothing but really only the rompers fit her- the rest is still too big. So mostly 3 months.

Diaper size: Ones

Nicknames: Pretty girl, Buggy, Buggers, Little Buggy Boo-Boo, Squeaky

Food: pumped breast milk every 2 to 3 hours except over night. I gave up trying to get her to latch a while ago- it was very stressful for her and she even struggles with a bottle- so enough is enough. I am getting really sick of pumping (and super sore too!) and we have quite the stock pile in the freezer because I was pumping enough for both. Now I think I probably get about enough for 1.5 babies!

Sleep: Once Addy is asleep, she does great. There are still evenings when she is up until 11pm, but those are getting to be less often. She sleeps through the night usually once a week, and otherwise wakes up once to eat and then goes back to sleep. She usually wakes between 6-7am for a bottle and then almost always goes back to sleep until 8-9am. Addy likes to sleep away most of the morning!

The Bad: Addy also has a flat spot on her head and some tightness in her hips (but no dysplasia!) that is requiring some PT and chiropractics. These issues are also related to being a multiple and the way she was positioned on the inside. She doesn't really like her hips to be extended but is slowly getting better about it. The evening fussiness is better- or at least we have been better at figuring out what makes her happy- but sometimes she just screams. After her bath, as soon as the towel is wrapped around her- it starts. Sometimes she cries through her bottle and on and off for a couple hours. Other nights, she goes down just fine. She doesn't coo or babble a lot, which worries me. She does do it- but not very often.

The Good: No hip dysplasia- which is awesome! We switched her to Prilosec which seems to help. We haven't had a power puke in the evening in several weeks! Lots of adorable little smiles!!

Firsts: Laughs- although she is pretty particular about handing these out- she did start doing it around 10 weeks. She has the highest pitched, squeakiest laugh I have ever heard- it's hilarious! Standing- with help of course- at about 13 weeks. She is so strong in her legs! Watching her toys- about 10 weeks. Reaching for them- about 13 weeks. County Fair at 12 weeks- she pretty much cried the whole time. She was so tired and wouldn't sleep in the loud, bumpy and warm environment.

Life with Addy: Addy cracks me up with her little attitude. She is only three months old and I already know we are in trouble! She'll cry and as soon as she gets what she wants- she flashes a smile at you. She smirks like she knows she's a stinker! Addy is very particular and wants to be held a certain way to go to sleep and has a hard time taking a bottle. Sometimes she doesn't want you to sit, or sit in a certain place anyways, when she is trying to rest. She doesn't like to be messed with and doesn't like the pretty headbands I try to put her in! Addy LOVES her toys, especially the playmat, and smiles at the toys and that pretty little girl in the mirror. It's pretty adorable!

Some other pics of the small people...


Tracie said...

Absolutely adorable!

Deanna said...

They are getting so big! Adorable kiddos. Thinking of you, dear friend.

Ashley said...

They are so so so so precious!!! Happy 3 months sweet babies. And boy, Max sure is turning into a handsome little fella! Tiffany - you have 4 beautiful babies!!!!

Mary said...

They are getting so big! And adorable as always! Good luck with the tortocollis. I'm afraid of that diagnosis too, simply because J prefers one side of his head to the other. Lots of tummy time for us too!

ferfischer said...

Oh my gosh - they are SO cute! I love the hats with the baby legs warmers. Kudos to you for such a cute photo shoot! They seem like they're doing great but I hear you on the pumping - I pumped for mine for almost a year and it was tough. ThOught I was done and yet here I am again. Eliot is 8 weeks so about a month behind yours. Such a fun age but it goes so quick.

TanaLee Davis said...

How they have grown! Thank you for the update- been missing you. hugs-

Jennifer said...

What beautiful sweet babies! And as always Max is a cutie pie too! I know they have a proud big/little sister watching over them. <3

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