Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Four months x2


Weight: 13lb 2oz

Clothing size: 6 months- although some stuff is getting a little tight!

Diaper Size: size 2

Nicknames: Little Fly Guy, Pork Chop, 'Fraidy Baby

Food: I fear what our grocery bill will be when we have two teenage boys in this house! Levi is an eating machine! He takes 4-5 oz every 2-3 hours. His bedtime bottle is usually 6oz! Still taking the Gentlease formula. We won't be starting any type of solids with him until he has much better head and trunk control! I will probably wait until about 6 months!

Sleep: Levi usually only wakes up once during the night to eat- occassionally twice. He usually goes to sleep around 8:30pm and wakes up for his bottle around 5 am. Thankfully he goes back to sleep for a couple hours. We are starting to establish some more regular naps, but three mornings a week we are at therapy so those naps are more scattered and shorter. Levi usually takes a good afternoon nap and a short cat nap around dinner time. Still in the rock and plays. We had one failed attempt at sleeping on his back- he only last 45 min! I'm not really sure what to do about him, I think he is too strong for the Nap Nanny but isn't ready to sleep flat yet...

The Good: starting to get into a routine- and it is soooo nice! The mostly sleeping through the night thing is awesome! When Levi is really sleepy, you can sometimes set him down with his blankie and nuk and he will actually put himself back to sleep! The flat spot on Levi's head is getting better and the pediatrician said he does not think Levi will need any sort of further intervention (read: no helmet!!) besides PT.

The Bad: The Puke. Oh the puke. The last couple weeks have been really bad on the reflux front. It hasn't really been bothering him, which is good, and (knock on wood) we haven't had any laryngospasms in over a week.... But he throws up on everything. And throws up a lot. Gross... Even though Levi has improved the range of motion in his neck, we've noticed (myself and his PT) that he has some core weakness. He still has a hard time holding his head up without wobbling, he slouches and holds himself in a "C" shape. The dr and PT both believe this is related to overcrowding in utero and not something neurological.

Firsts: Eating at a restaurant- with Mommy and Ma- the Original Pancake House! Grabbing onto toys and putting them in his mouth. Starting to notice strangers and when Mommy isn't holding them. Starting to make new different sounds with his mouth.

Life with Levi: Unless Levi is hungry or tired- which I guess he is quite a bit!- he is smiling! He is so easy to get a smile or belly laugh from! He is incredibly ticklish- sometimes we don't even have to touch him, just pretend to tickle him, and he laughs! He always has a lot to say and he says it loud! Levi makes the cutest little determined face when he is trying to reach for something and bats his stiff little arm around. He would love to get his hands on Addy and just stares at her. Levi wants what Addy has- be it a toy or being held, but when he sees she has a bottle- he is suddenly starving! I call Levi my little 'fraidy baby because it seems like he is afraid of everything! Every noise or sudden movement makes him jump.


Weight: 11lb 12oz

Clothing Size: mostly six months, but some 3 months

Diaper Size: size 2

Nicknames: Buggy, Buggy Buggy Boo, Buggers, Little Squeaky, Little Girl

Food: Breastmilk 4-5 oz every 3hrs (give or take). She also has about 5 or 6 oz before bed.

Sleep: She has gotten over whatever her issue was the first month or so, and usually goes down pretty easy. There are still some evenings that she wants to be up and party, or she just won't give in to her heavy eyelids. I think Addy is worried that she is going to miss something exciting! She usually falls asleep around 9pm and wakes up between 5 and 6 am for her bottle. Then she goes back to sleep for a few hours- usually waking up for the day around 8am. Like Levi, her morning naps are choatic due to therapy and being out of the house, but she is getting more consistent in the afternoon. She also takes a cat nap in the evening around dinner time. She is also still in her rock and play but we are practicing taking naps in the Leachco Podsters in their cribs.

The Good: Addy was discharged from PT because her hip muscles have relaxed and her head shape has normalized! Woohoo! We stopped giving her the medication she was taking for reflux and so far so good. I'll give it a few more days before I'll decide if she's ok without it. Addy is pretty predictable in what she wants and needs, which makes life easier and is making it easier to get them into a routine!

The Bad: Addy is has been spitting up more than she was, but it doesn't seem to bother her so that's why we are stopping the meds. She will hate me for this some day, but the girl needs to quit pooping so much! I don't even know how many dirty I change a day on this girl- I feel like it's all the time!! She usually earns a new outfit at least once a day because of this too! Definitely not very lady like!

Life with Addy: Each day, Addy is acting more and more like her big sister. I love it! Addy is so quick with a smile and now she is starting to act like she is shy. She will smile at someone and then tuck her head in. She is a little stinker. Addy will stick out her lip, give a little cry and as soon as she gets what she wants- she smiles. Addy doesn't talk much, but she screeches! And loud! I swear sometimes she shrieks in such a high pitch that only the neighborhood dogs can hear it! Addy is a little bit of a diva and doesn't really like you to talk or make noise if she is eating her bottle or trying to go to sleep. She wants what she wants and there is no negotiating otherwise. Addy will smile at her brother but acts a little too cool for him when he is trying to get her attention. Addy loves to suck on her fingers and can be made happy by just taking off her socks. Silly girl.

Some more pictures of the small people...

One year later!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Tiffany, They are so precious and I love this blessing that God has given to you. ((HUGS))

Ashley said...

They are beyond precious!!! I can't believe they are 4 months old already. I love all of the pictures of them, but I REALLY love the pictures of you. The smile on your face is so contagious and I couldn't help but smile seeing how happy you look.

Happy 4 months Levi and Addy!!

Kimberly said...

Beautiful, precious babies!!!!

Darcey said...

They are beautiful.

crystal said...

They are beautiful! Levi looks so much like Ellie especially the picture of him on the floor playing :)

Harlowe said...

I was going to say the exact same thing, Crystal! It blew me away.

Janice said...

What darlings kids you have. Where do find those leggings? I have been searching for some for my niece and nephew. Thanks.

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