Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blanket Drive

In honor of Ellie's 2nd Birthday on January 15th, we are collecting fleece blankets for the Children's Hospital in Minneapolis. All blankets will be brought to the hospital in mid-February. Ellie's Light is using some of it's funds to purchase blanket making materials and Ellie's family and friends will be gathering on her birthday for cake and to make blankets.

We would love it if others would help by contributing blankets they've made themselves! If you like to make a blanket for an ill-child in the hospital, here's what you need to know...
  • All blankets must be made of new fleece.
  • If you've never made one before- they are super easy!! No sewing! Some places have kits with pre-cut fleece that you just go in and buy! Here is an easy how-to guide to follow!
  • Blankets must come from a smoke-free and pet hair-free envirornment (these children often have weakened immune systems or are unusually sensitive to certain smells, chemicals or pet dander).
  • We are looking for boys or girls blankets for kids 0- 18 years. 
  • We also take new soft, fuzzy baby blankets too! 
  • Blankets may be given to an Ellie's Light Board Member, one of Ellie's family members or friends. They may also be shipped to our PO Box at
Ellie's Light
PO Box 241674
St. Paul, MN 55124

We know from personal experience that the hospital gets very cold, especially in the evenings and night. A warm blanket does great things for a person's sleep. Besides that, these fleece blankets give each bed a nice comforting feeling as opposed to the white, sterile hospital sheets and thin blankets. One mom told me that she liked to have a colorful blanket under her son so that it distracted her eye from all the tubes and cords coming out of her baby. It's a simple thing, but for a child in the hospital, or even a cold parent curled up on a small hard chair, it can make a big difference.

Last year, we were able to make and collect over 45 blankets for the Children's Hospital in honor of Ellie's 1st Birthday. I would give anything to have Ellie here to celebrate her birthday, but since we can't, it's nice to know that her life will make a little difference in somebody else's life.

This girl sure loved her blankie!


ccc said...

I love all your ideas--you really are amazing in all you do for others. Perhaps when my personal drama passes I could get the blanket making as a project for my girls' group to do. It would be a perfect service project for them.

Kelly said...

I'm in! Jim was out of town for 2 months when we were dating, and he said his dorm room was super cold, so I made him one of these. I sleep with it every night now. :)

crystal said...

We love Ellie so much and are so thankful for you sharing her with us. We are wanting to help too :)

Ashley said...

I am definitely going to make one for your guys!! Such a great thing to do in honor of Ellie :)

Tiffany said...

when do you plan to turn these blankets in? i would love to help and send in a few for my bday twins bday, but it may be a few weeks before i am able to get into a routine enough to leave the house. i hope that's ok. i would love to do this in honor of ms. Ellie.

Tiffany said...

You guys are awesome! Tiffany- we are planning on taking them to the hospital in mid-Feb. so sometime before then! Happy Bday on Sunday!

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