Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day and Anniversary

To my wonderful husband-
You are an amazing Daddy and our kids are so lucky to have you. I love how you can make the kids laugh like no one else can, that you can mix a mean pitcher of formula and that you work so hard so that I can stay home with our kids (remind of this later this week when I've had enough of whiny toddlers and crying babies!). Thank you for taking such good care of our babies.

Family Picture

With Ellie

with Max

To Our Dads and Gramps-
Thank you for all of your support, love and unsolicited advice on how to properly hold our babies! We couldn't have gotten through the last month without you!

Gramps and Addy

My Dad and Addy

My FIL and Max


Happy Anniversary Hubby!

Six years.... amazing...


LauraJane said...

Beautiful post. Gorgeous babies. :) Happy anniversary!

B. Wilson said...

You are both beautiful parents. I love the part about the "mean pitcher of formula" -- haha! What a baby chef he is. ;)

Tiffany said...

Awesome congrats love the family pic

TanaLee Davis said...

So cute! Happy six years and full of love for your family...I think you should be proud! lol

Kelly said...

Happy anniversary! I love your family picture. What a sweet family you have. <3

Ashley said...

Your family is so beautiful, I LOVE the first pictures of all you in it!

Happy Anniversary!!

Natasha said...

Happy belated anniversary! Love your wedding pics :) You look beautiful! And I love the family picture as well!

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