Monday, June 18, 2012

One Month Old x2!

I can't believe that Levi and Addy are already a month old!


4 days ago he weighed 7lb 12oz.
He is still on the formula per doctor recommendation for a milk allergy and seems to eat constantly. He only takes an 1-2 oz each time and eats like every hour during the day! It's exhausting! I think his reflux makes it hard for him to eat more than that at once.
The reflux is definitely making good sound sleep hard to come by... He gets a couple good naps a day and sleeps decently about half the night. The rest of the day and night is spent spitting up all over and crying... It's so sad and hard to watch! I feel so bad for them!
He is so strong and has been lifting his head up since he was born. But the last few days he seems to be getting more steady!
He definitely responds to our voices and follows us with his eyes. When we put him on the play mat this weekend he seem interested in the animals hanging in front of his face.
Levi would be happiest being held chest to chest all day long! But he also seems to enjoy being outside, his sponge bath (no real bath yet because of his cord staying on for three weeks! and a circumcision last week).
He makes so many funny faces and kind of acts like a grumpy old man!


4 days ago she weighed 7lb 10oz- fully dressed, so probably a little less.
She is taking 3-4 oz of breast milk every two to three hours. She also likes to graze throughout certain parts of the day, but overall does a pretty good job handling a bigger bottle all at once.
Addy was a good little sleeper but then reflux hit last week, and now she pretty much has the same issues as Levi. Her Zantac is starting to kick in, and she seems to feel a little better the last couple of days, but she still definitely has her moments. Poor babies!
Addy loves to be toted around while we go about our regular activities. She has no problem falling asleep while I do table time with Max, do dishes or walk around the house with her in one arm.
She has the most pathetic and adorable cry I've ever heard. We don't hear a real cry from her a whole lot, but when she busts out the real thing, it'll break your heart! Add in her bottom lip and it's almost too much to take!


Tracie said...

Beautiful babies, congrats! Hope Levi keeps getting better.

Darcey said...

Beautiful...hope the reflux settles down very soon!!

Mary said...

I can't believe they're a month old already! And completely adorable! I love both of their faces in the top picture. So cute!

Tiffany said...

they are beautiful. Levi still looks so much like Ellie to me.

Ashley said...

Tiffany they both are adorable! I see Ellie in each of them. Has it really been a month!? :)

LauraJane said...

SO cute Tiffany!!! I can't believe they're a month already (just as I can't believe Grace is 7 weeks today!). INSANE

Natasha said...

OMG how has it been a month already??? I still remember when you said you were pregnant like it was yesterday- HA!

They are beautiful! So dang cute! Love them!!!

Robin said...

Your babies are beautiful!

Praying for you always!

Harlowe said...

So freaking cute!

ccc said...

oh, so sweet, sweet, sweet!
I laughed when you tell of Addy already perfecting her lower lip pout and cry LOL and she does seem to have some unique expressions in the pictures that Levi does not have. Levi seems more laid back in the pics.
I have to admit I am a bit jealous! But, don't get me wrong--I could not be any happier for you!

DandelionBreeze said...

Your little ones are soooo adorable :) Glad to hear you're all well... love and thoughts to you all xoxo

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