Friday, January 25, 2013

8 months x2

How did the babies get to be 8 months already?! Crazy...

I know most people probably don't care about what the babies are eating now, how long they sleep or what size clothes they wear.... this is just a way for me to document so that someday when I get to their baby books, I can actually write something in it!

Weight: Not really sure, but I would guess 19ish lbs.

Diaper Size: size 3

Clothing Size: pjs 9 months, shirts 12 months and pants are some 9 months and some 12 months

Nicknames: Buddy, Giant Baby, Cubby, Blanket Baby

Feeding: Still on the Gentlease Formula. Six ounces first thing in the morning and right before bed. Otherwise about 5 ounces every three to four hours depending on solids. He is eating solids at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Usually gets a fruit with oatmeal or cereal in the morning, a vegetable at lunch along with something that they can feed to themselves like a popsicle or food in those gross mesh bags. At dinner he eats a vegetable or meat/ veggie combo followed by fruit and then baby crack- aka puffs. Lately, Levi has been whining or crying for his food before meal time- this boy is a good eater! He really likes most foods, but isn't a huge fan of things in those mesh bags (don't blame him!) We tried small pieces of banana last night and that ended in a huge puke, so I guess purees for awhile still! Doing really well with drinking water out of a sippy cup.

Sleep: We finally made the transition to the crib- and more importantly- flat on the back! It was a rough couple nights for Levi, but now he seems to like it. I have even weaned them from their Podsters at nap time. He was waking up a lot for a week or so, (so was Addy) and we finally decided they were cold. A couple of fleece sleep sacks solved that problem though! Levi goes to sleep around 7:30pm and usually sleeps until 3-5am, takes a bottle and goes back to sleep until 6-6:30am. He naps two or three times throughout the day. He has recently started throwing a big fit when he gets tired and not wanting to go sleep. It may be time for him to start putting himself to sleep (instead of being held) soon. But we'll see. I like the cuddles...

Firsts: First Christmas! Our kids are very lucky and have so many people that love them and that want to spend time with them at the holidays, so we were very busy! Levi loved having people around and loved playing with new toys. He looked pretty dang cute in his Christmas clothes too!  First trip to the zoo. Levi was very curious and serious most of the time we were there. He really looks at things and checks them out. He really liked the fish and penguins! Celebrated Ellie's 3rd birthday. Sitting up in the bath tub in a bath seat. Levi really likes bath tub and sitting in the big tub just makes it that much better!

Skills/ Milestones: Sitting up unsupported! Second tooth! Hollering back and forth and laughing with Addy. Trying popsicles and lots of new foods, including puffs. Levi started doing this upper body back-and-forth dance- hilarious! Clapping hands. Banging things together. Occasionally signing "more." Standing up straight- putting weight on his feet. Scoots a little on his tummy- not much but he sure tries! Playing Peek-a-Boo. Putting his nuk in his mouth.

Words/ Noises: Ma-Ma, Da-Da, Ba-Ba, Ni-Ni (I swear he says this when he is tired- he's pretty consistent with it!).

Life with Levi: My sweet, sweet boy. Levi is so cuddly. He loves his blankie and to wrap his arms around you. His little hands and feet constantly move and his fingers massage his blankie, his shirt- whatever he can get his hands on. He wants to touch everything and when you take something away from him that he really wants- he cries- hard- until you give it back! He is so funny and will laugh at pretty much everything. He has gotten so silly lately and loves to make us laugh. He still thinks Addy is hilarious, even if she constantly steals his things. But he is learning to take things back! He loves "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and being read to (of course, he thinks that funny too!). Levi is very serious until he makes a decision on what he thinks of something. I think he must be very smart. He is very focused. Love my sweet boy and his chubby hands that never stop moving!

Weight: not really sure... 17ish lbs.

Diaper Size: Size 3

Clothes Size: nine months

Nicknames: Buggy, Bug, Buggers, Little Missy

Eating:  Addy gets thawed frozen breast milk mixed with formula. She is taking about 5oz every 3-4 hours depending on when she eats her solids, and takes 6oz just before bed and first thing in the morning. Addy has gotten much better with liking her purees. She still turns her nose up at some things and definitely prefers fruit. She seems to like any store bought food better than what I make. I guess maybe because of the smoother texture? Addy still likes to eat things like banana and avocado in the mesh bag and likes popsicles. Addy loves puffs and did pretty good with banana chunks the other night. Addy does really great with water in a sippy cup, and even lifts it way up like she is chugging it. Addy doesn't quite inhale her food like Levi and takes more time in between bites. Little Missy makes a lot of funny faces while eating, and if she has an audience- makes even more, and exaggerates them.

Sleep: Addy usually goes to sleep at 7:30pm and sleeps for 15min. Then wakes up and wants to be held for a little bit, this isn't happening as much as it used to, but still happens. Then she usually sleeps until 4:30 or 5am, wakes for a bottle and goes back to sleep until 6:30-7 am. She is taking several short naps a day but occasionally will take a good long nap. Addy made a pretty easy transition to laying on her back in the crib. She was waking up a lot, but is doing much better with her warm sleep sack.

Firsts:  First Christmas! No surprise that Addy loved everything about Christmas. All the people and attention, the new things to play with. Did I mention the attention? She handled all the busy days wonderfully! First trip to the zoo. Addy liked the zoo, and liked looking at the fish, but seemed more interested in whoever was carrying her or other people milling around. Celebrated Ellie's 3rd birthday. Sitting up in the bath tub in a bath seat. Addy loves sitting up like a big girl and being able to play in the water.

Skills/ Milestones: Signs "more" and "all done" somewhat consistently. Clapping her hands, banging things together, playing Peek-a-Boo. The occasional wave. Her little Addy dance every time music comes on. Addy is an expert at putting her nuk in her mouth (and Levi's nuk too!). Addy is also a master at getting people's attention- this girl has some serious skill in this department!

Words/ Noises: Ma-ma, Da-Da, Ba-Ba, MA-MA!!!, mo-mo (more), Hiiii (I swear she says hi), he-he (yes she actually says he-he when she laughs)

Life with Addy: I seriously had no idea that someone so young and little, could have such an attitude and aptitude for getting attention. If we (or anyone really, even Levi) is not giving her the attention she needs, she will straighten her little arms, throw them down and holler at you while glaring. It's hilarious. Addy is a goofball. She acts like she's shy, but she's definitely not. She's animated and dramatic. She's issues- Mommy issues. Major Mommy issues! Addy is a people person and an overall happy (as long as she's getting exactly what she wants) little girl. She is all girl and I'm pretty sure she thinks she's an only child. Love my little needy little goofball!

Some more pictures of the small people, or "peeps" as Max calls them...


Darcey said...

Beautiful babies!!!

B. Wilson @ Windy {City} Wilsons said...

They are gorgeous. I see a little bit of Ellie in each one of your kids. That's such a gift to have. :)

TanaLee Davis said...

Your lil ones are growing up! I bet Max thinks they are more fun now. :) Thanks for the update...always love your's favorite was the one with levi, addy and some other baby...levi big eyed leaning forward...PRICELESS! :)

Kelly said...

They are so gosh darn cute!

LauraJane said...

AH! I love them so much!

And I love that Addi is all drama (and lol'd at her thinking she's an only child! ha!).

xox momma!

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They are so freaking cute! Love all the pictures!

Ashley said...

Happy 8 months sweet babies!!!

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oh goodness, they are so adorable!

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