Thursday, September 22, 2011

Having to think of a title even annoys me

Maybe it's the weather.

Maybe it's because we keep getting closer to the dreaded October.

Maybe it's because complete chaos that seems to control every aspect of our life.

Maybe it's the crabby, tired and over extended tyrant toddler running our home.

Maybe it's our cluttered and increasingly messy house with it's still unpacked boxes and super ugly contractor standard "antique white" on all our walls.

Maybe it's the super passive-aggressive letter we got from our alleged contractor stating that because of our claim of an "alleged smell" emanating from our alleged dishwasher they would compensate us for the gigantic piece of crap so we could buy something that doesn't fall out of the cabinet every time we open it, smell like dead animals and actually washes the dishes. Of course, we have to sign the letter that says we will promise to quit complaining to them about it.... shut the F up! is I think how I'm going to sign the letter... douches...

Maybe it's the IRS being all up in my non-profit business (literally and figuratively) and making life more complicated and expensive.

Maybe it's the fact that very few people around seem to understand that driving 10-20 mph below the speed limit is just as dangerous, if not more, than driving fast. And didn't any one learn to merge??

Maybe it's the mom that is SO annoyed with her actual living and breathing kid that she can't even get off her damn cell phone long enough to say "I love you" back or straighten and tighten their carseat straps enough to prevent them from taking a tragic trip through the windshield.

Maybe it's the construction zone that seems to have descended on our neighborhood in the last two weeks. Seriously- were they just waiting until we moved in? Our house shakes, I can't open windows because you can't hear a damn thing over the trucks or because the dirt and dust in the air is so thick it coats everything in the house and garage.

Maybe I'm tired.

Maybe I'm hungry.

Maybe I miss by little girl.

Or maybe it's just all of this and so many other things...

In case you haven't noticed- I'm a little on the crabby and irritated side. But I did want to get my pictures of Ellie from these few days last year, because they are limited... Maybe looking at pictures of my little girl will make a little bit happier. Or maybe it will just make me a little more sad, a lot more angry...

Remembering September 20th, 2010

Ellie was just starting to learn that we expected something from her when we busted out the camera so she had just started performing it. This is the perfect picture of our silly little goofball...

Remembering September 22nd, 2010



Deanna said...

oh, I feel many of these things at the moment... different scenario, but an obnoxious amount of crap. why is it that we have to deal with even more than the fact our babies aren't here? ugh! I feel ya. I have not even had time to think about my own blog, so I will just jump on the train with others.

sorry you are having such a hard time, I wish I had magic words to make it a little better. all I can say, is I understand.

love you, dear friend. love this photo of Ellie. missing both of our babies.

Kelly said...

I feel ya on so many things. When we moved to this house, I was cleaning cabinets and things before I could even unpack cuz it was so disgusting. Uh, I was 30 weeks pregnant doing that. It was a nightmare. And I HATE when I see car seat straps not fixed correctly. It takes 5 seconds to do it, there's no excuse! Go ahead and complain away!

That picture of Ellie is hilarious. She looks like she's up to something. :)


Completely get ALL those feelings!! Hope your day gets better, thinking of you, especially as October gets closer. I remember dreading each day until August hit...and thankfully once September started!!


Ashley said...


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