Friday, September 16, 2011

Instagram and lots of pics from last year

This week I'm linking up with Life Rearranged for an Instagram blog hop! Woohoo! Here we go...

1. Aiden came to visit me!
2. A very tired boy reading "Hop on Pop" for the one millionth time that day
3., 4., 5., 6. Pictures from the corn field across the street from our neighborhood. I would like my own cornfield. Please.
7. Pinterest has inspired me to make my own letters for Max's Alphabet themed playroom. One letter done... 
8. Yay for fires in the fireplace!
9. A new pinwheel for Ellie's spot
10. Missing my girl
11. Boxes from the post office full of stuff for Belle's Buddies and Memory Pouches! So awesome!
12. Pretty flowers and a stone at Ellie's spot.
13. & 14. Our experiment with sidewalk paint... Made with recipe found on Pinterest. It worked ok... Max thought it was ok. My cousin Ang and I did more painting than Max!

BTW- Instagram pics give me a helluva a time with formatting when it comes to blogger- they are a huge pain to arrange, etc. Anyone else have this problem?? They look perfectly aligned when I do them in the draft but when I preview them, they get all messed up! GRRRR!

life rearranged

Remembering September 16th, 2010
Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures. The kids were being exceptionally adorable and silly this day so I just kept taking pictures. And I will be forever thankful that I did. You can never take too many pictures!

 Ellie hanging out in the fort with all the stuffed animals. She was very happy and this picture caught her mid-excited dance! :) Love it, Love it, Love it!

Moments later, she puked all over her super cute shirt and was in need of a clean outfit (dang reflux...)
 Naked Baby! 
Seriously- have you ever seen thighs like this on a baby?? I love 'em!
Oh yeah, always gotta have the blankie nearby!

 Maxer sporting his tie!

 Ellie was pretty sure her feet were an extra set of hands...

Brother and Sister watching "Ming Ming" together

 This totally explains their relationship!

 An "under the nuk" smile!
 Pretty typical: Max totally into his show, and Ellie totally into what I am doing- and smiling about it!

Our Little Goofball!
Perfect way to spend an evening- on the floor playing with two babies in a very messy playroom. Obviously, Ellie didn't like playing on her tummy- she would just put her face down into the carpet until we moved her or gave her enough room to roll over!

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Such gorgeous photos... my heart goes out to you every time I see your gorgeous little one and how happy she looked. She is a real treasure and I can only imagine a tiny fraction of how much you must miss her. Love to you always xoxo


Love all your pictures. I haven't used Instagram so can't help ya BUT I love the way the pictures look :)

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