Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nice Little Surprises

Over the last couple of weeks we've gotten a couple little surprises to help us honor or remember our pretty little girl... These things seriously make my day. To know that people are thinking of Ellie and saying her name- it's a great feeling. And it's the best when something comes from a kid- their innocence and total honesty is heartwarming. Thank you so much to everyone who keeps Ellie on their mind!

 This adorable little painting was done by the son of a girl that I went to college with. It arrived in the mail a while ago but I haven't been able to share it on here yet. It's a pink and purple sunset. So sweet!

 This license plate was given to us by a customer of Dave's that came into town a couple weeks ago. The best part is the feet. Usually baby feet like these are super skinny, but these are chunky, chubby feet- just like Ellie's! Perfect!

 This came from my Aunt's niece- my cousins' cousin. Sami is 9 years old, and did this all on her own. I've only met Sami a couple times, but I hear from my Aunt and cousins that she is a sweet girl, and I think this is proof. This made me want to cry the other day, seriously one of the best things someone has given us since Elle died.

 Ellie's name from my parent's while they were on vacation!

 I won the online auction for these pictures that Deanna had to raise money for Faith's Lodge. I kinda forgot about it until the pictures came in an email the other day! Thanks Carly!

 This picture recently arrived my email from Vermont Angels. Thanks Jill!

Ellie's name written in the sand in Hawaii! Thanks Lisa!

From my Aunt Kerri and Cousins Kaelin and Brett-
Dave & Tiffany - During our vacation, we noticed the start of an "e" carved on this palm tree and knew it was meant for Ellie. We simply finished her name, said a prayer and dedicated the tree to her. I hope you find comfort in knowing that her joyful spirit will forever be a part of the cool Caribbean breeze in the Dominican. (Someday, I hope you can visit Ellie's tree in person! I know exactly where it is). :) Love you both...
Thank you so much! It's perfect!

Remembering September 6th, 2010

LOVE LOVE LOVE those cheeks!
Tired Boy

Remembering September 7th, 2010

Who doesn't love a little Tupperware!


ccc said...

So many great things from people. It is so sweet when children do something loving--it is so raw and honest.
That tree is wonderful-her name on a tree in the Caribbean, not many can boast of that.


Love all the beautiful stuff!! Especially the license plate, do you know where he had that made???

Tiffany said...

Thanks guys! Ashley, that guy will be in town again next week, I'll ask him!


Thanks :)

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