Friday, September 23, 2011


Linking up with Life Arranged for Insta-Friday

1. Beef, Barley and Vegetable cooking away on the stove for dinner tonight... yum!
2. A butterfly Ellie sent to her Daddy this afternoon.
3. A little cuddle time for tired Mommy and very tired Max
4. Max thoroughly enjoying himself at the car wash... he thought it was hilarious!
5. I know- nearly impossible to see, but the license plate on this car says "BELLE"
6 & 7. Max and our nephew Evan playing in the "corn pool" last weekend- what a mess!
8 & 9. Ellie's early morning artwork (sent to me by my mom and friend, Lo)

life rearranged

Remembering September 22nd, 2010

Little Boys...
I kinda miss our awesome backyard!
Can you see Ellie's face in the shadows of the tree?? This is a picture of her inside, taken from the outside...


Kelly said...

I made cheesy ham and potato soup Wednesday night, and I've been nom'ing on it all week. :) I love that picture of Ellie's shadow. So awesome!

Natasha said...

Ummmmmm that soup looks yummy!

I love the pictures especially the one of Ellie with her eyes closed- so cute!!! I think I may start doing Insta-Friday too :)

Franchesca said...

Love the pic of Ellie's shadow too!! And Ellie's early morning art work... stunning :) I caught a sunset with the similar colors when I was in Tennessee! SOOO beautiful.



Love the pics!!

Harlowe said...

Aw, Max looked like he was having so much fun on that dirt pile, ha ha. And yes, I agree the the Ellie shadow picture is pretty awesome. I didn't see it at first. said...

Love all your photos :)) Love the butterfly and Ellie's beautiful smile xoxo

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures!!! The one of Ellie in the trees is stunning. My heart aches for you. She's a gorgeous child. May you find peace during the coming month - I'll be thinking of you and your family.

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