Thursday, October 6, 2011

Belle's Buddies Update

Thanks to so many wonderful donations, we are up to about 115 stuffed animals! These stuffed animals will be donated to the Children's Hospital bereavement program. They will be given to children when their sibling passes away. These Buddies will provide comfort at a very sad time in the child's life and serve as a reminder of their brother or sister.
Today, some very wonderful women from the Farmington Mom's group and their adorable kids dropped off 59 Buddies! Wow! Thank you so much!!

Debbie, Jaime and their kids dropping off their awesome donation!!

We also had a very nice surprise in our PO Box the other day:

Our mysterious hand print banners

We have no idea who sent it, so if you did- please let us know! We would love to thank you! It's such a great idea and it totally made my day!

Some pictures from our family photo shoot:


Harlowe said...

I just love her ear that sticks out. How did your kids get so darn blonde? I guess I can't say anything, my little boy is blonde too, but his father and I aren't. These pictures are so beautiful.

Kelly said...

Wow! I got 2 anonymous gifts after Adam passed away. I still don't know who one of them is from. Amazing.

I love that first picture of you 4. Ellie seems to be in her own world, as if to say, I'm just gonna sit here and be cute. :)

LauraJane said...

These are some of my favourite photos of your girl. I especially like in that last photo how both your kids are giving exactly the same "look". :)

And that banner is too cute. What a thoughtful thing to do. :)

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