Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy List Saturday!

Cookbook Sales!!
So far, we've sold just over 80 books!! And have netted about $1500 to help out families in need of extra comfort and joy. Thank you so much to everyone that ordered some so far! And if you would still like to- please do! Click on the Ellie's Light button to the right and go to our website to place your order!

My new iphone and case
I avoided the whole smart phone thing for as long as possible because honestly, it scared me. But my old phone should have been replaced months ago and it was time. You can't actually by just a phone now at the store... so it was decided that the iphone would be the easiest for me to use. And it is! I love it! I really love the calender on it! But what I love best is the case I ordered. It came in just three days and it looks amazing! This picture doesn't even do it justice!

Hanging out with our nephew Evan
Today we got to have our four- almost five- year old nephew over while his parent's worked. We used to spend a lot more time with him before we had kids but still love it when we get to see him! He's a super funny little boy and very smart. And he's like a mini-me of my brother- it just amazes me that they are so much alike.

Mail and Emails
The other day I got a book in the mail with a very nice note from a complete stranger- Thank you Katie! It was so thoughtful and so kind.
I also got pictures of Ellie's butterfly released through Triplet Butterflies... They are so pretty! Thank you!
And, I got an email from a good friend of mine who I have known since 6th grade. Her and her sister took it upon themselves to ask a business about donating to Ellie's Light. Hopefully, we can something worked out. It's a beautiful company that not only produces great things, but makes it a point to help out others. Thanks Kristen and Megan!
AND, I got a really nice email from a lady at the hospital we want to donate to. I am going to meet with her next week to discuss some things. This came the same day I talked to the chaplain about things we can start donating soon!
AND, lots of cookbook orders!
AND, several graduation announcements. Makes me feel old, but still good!

How I Met Your Mother
Started watching this a couple weeks ago, it's pretty funny.

They finished the landscaping at our new house earlier this week. It looks really nice and I am excited that it's almost ALL DONE! We had the landscapers do a memorial garden for Ellie. Right now it doesn't look like anything special, but I am hoping that when things start blooming it will look really good. We still need to add some decorations for Ellie in there too.

The new Oreo Fudge Cookies
So good. And they have no milk in them, which means Max can have them. I don't like to give him stuff like that, but he is a kid- so he's gets them every once in a while.

Hanging out with family and friends
We've got to spend a lot of time with them lately. It's been really good for us.

My BLM friends
None of us should know each other. We should be strangers. But shitty circumstances and angel babies have brought together. But I am so grateful for them. We've never met, but I consider some of them very good friends. I am so thankful for them and they make me happy.

When we were outside earlier, Max picked up a piece of chalk without a prompt, and actually sat down and colored! He used different colors and it kept his attention for several minutes. This is a big deal for Max. It's out of his comfort zone, the chalk has a funny texture, it makes funny noises when you use it and it sticks to your hands. And Evan and I were doing it too. He was partaking in the action! Yay, Maxer! Here's the masterpiece...

Me, swinging at the park earlier this week. I wanted to fly right on up to Ellie...


New Year Mum said...

Love your list and especially your iPhone case... what a lovely idea :) I'll miss doing this Happy List Blog Hop when I take my blog private - but might keep doing it anyway. Love to you always xoxo

Deanna said...

love this list.
love the Ellie case!!
love the cookbooks, which reminds me I need to do that, soon!
love that we've gotten to know each other, despite crappy circumstances.
love the swing photo.
love to you!!!!
thank you for making me smile!

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