Friday, May 27, 2011


Forgot to do this yesterday...

Remembering May 26th, 2010

This was the day Ellie started on cereal! I could tell she was ready because she stared at every single bite we put into our mouths and grabbed at our food all the time.
The first time we tried to give Max cereal, he wasn't ready at all. It just dribbled out of his mouth. But Ellie knew exactly what to do. She comes from a family of pretty good eaters, so I wasn't surprised! She was so funny when she ate it. She would sip it off the spoon,  like a polite English lady eating soup. Within the next few days she got more aggressive, but still sipped it. Funny girl.

 Baby Feet!!!!!!!!
Beautiful baby blue eyes

Remembering May 27th, 2010

For a while we had a two highchair situation going on in the kitchen and dining room. Max wasn't ready to be moved to a booster seat yet, but it was kind of nice to scoot them next to each other. Ellie loved playing with her toys and watching Max while he ate. And Max, well... he just likes to eat!

I love Ellie's toes in all of these pictures. She was all about the toes and feet- she may have actually thought they were extra hands! I miss her feet :(


Natasha said...

I love that she sipped her cereal like a cute little English lady!!! And I love that you have these memories every day. She is so so cute and Max is adorable!!!

Deanna said...

Such cute pictures!!! Your munchkins are adorable!
I love the sipping cereal story, I can imagine her doing it, and it made me smile :)

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