Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting Settled

We've been very busy around here trying to get settled in our new place. Today we closed on our old house, and it's strange to be done with that place. I feel ok with it, and am happy we are here. But the old house will be always be Ellie's place in my heart, and for that reason, I know I'll always miss it.

I talked to the hospital today, and we have finally reached the point where we can start preparing memory pouches and hopefully within the next two months, we will be able to deliver them to the hospitals. The hospital asked us for some photo printer photo and ink cartridges for their end-of-life care patient/ families to use, so we will be purchasing that and getting it to the hospital ASAP. I'm anxious to start doing something with all the money we've raised.

Remembering July 29th, 2010

I took the kids over to a friend's house, where another friend met us. All three of had babies within three months of each other. Here is Ellie checking out on of the other babies. As you can see, she was loving it. A little social butterfly for sure!

Little Missy was teething so I thought we'd try the frozen bagel thing. She tried it for a couple of minutes and then gave it the heave-ho over the side of the high chair!

After dinner, Dave played with the kids outside on the patio while I made some baby food. Shortly after Ellie was born, we bought a BabyCook, and I loved it! I could steam veggies, take some out for Max for meals and puree the rest of Ellie. It was also really nice to puree fruit, Ellie especially loved the fruit in popsicle form.


ccc said...

I'm glad you can start doing something with the hospital!
My kids never liked frozen anything when they were teething!
I hope things are going OK with Max and the new house.
BTW-I have been meaning to tell you that the cookbooks are awesome! They look great--the layout, the pictures, everything!


Love the pictures. What a neat thing to do for the hospital in honor of your daughter. Can't wait to see photos of your new house!

michelle said...

Thats a wonderful thing to do, they didnt have anything like that set up at our hospital but the nurses took over and one nurse made beautiful porcelin molds of Jack's hands and feet I would like to hold a fundraiser for Jack but its to soon, I would just cry through it all, I need to get my head together first, then decide which fundraisor to do for him. Hope your enjoying the new house.

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