Saturday, June 25, 2011

8 long months

Today was much harder than I anticipated. It took me a little by surprise actually. It was a "go cry in the stairwell so you don't totally ruin a 5 year old's birthday party" sort of day. A "don't look at me or talk to me or let your one year old little girl make a noise because it will make me cry and I just finally was able to stop so please don't make me start again..." sort of day.... I was out of the house, my safety zone, for all of 2.5 hours today and I am exhausted. I am beyond exhausted. Blurry vision, dehydrated, a little shaky and a mounting headache... I call it the "grief hangover." I would much more enjoy an actual hangover...

I can't believe it's been 8 months without our girl.

I just want her back.

Remembering June 25th, 2010


Kelly said...

Grief hangover is the best description. Last week I had one of those days, and my whole head and entire face hurt after all the crying. :( Thinking of you momma and many hugs as always.

LauraJane said...

It's entirely too long and unfair. Wish you could have her back too.

Tabatha said...

Such sweet pictures as always! We use to set Savanna in front of the door in her Bumbo also! So funny :)

The grief hangover sucks! I'm so sorry you're having a rough time.. if I could I would give you a real hug!! Hoping some peace is right around the corner for you and thinking of you always! Holding you and Ellie extra close to my heart today... xoxo

Deanna said...

Grief hangover, I think you are right. The real thing would be much easier to handle. I am sorry Ellie is not here in your arms, much love to you!!

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