Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some People.

Why are some people allowed to reproduce??


How is it that those of us that can provide for a child and put a child first don't necessarily "just get knocked up?" Huh? Why do some of us have to go through procedures and treatments just for a chance at pregnancy? And then how come we don't necessarily even get to keep that child? That very much loved, adored and cared for child?
But there are people out there who put their hobbies, and "dreams" before their child(ren) yet they just get another one. Where do they even get off thinking they should bring another life into this world. I'm sorry but unless you can 100% provide everything for your child, yourself, then keep your effing legs shut, and pop those birth control pills like they are tic-tacs. Seriously. Just because you want another kid, because that was your dream, doesn't mean you should have them. Kids aren't dogs. They can't be returned to the pound if you later decide they are too much work.

Life isn't fair. I know that. You don't need to tell me. But this is one thing that I can't seem to make right in my mind. I can't make peace with this idea. I can't ignore it and it makes my blood boil. I love my baby. I would have taken her place in a second that day if I could have. I put my body through hell to get her, and I only got nine months. I made every right decision that I could for her. In the end, it didn't matter.
But some people, they have other priorities, they're all "talk" and they just get these kids. And they don't even appreciate them like they should. But they get them, and they get to keep them.

I don't get it.

Remembering June 30th, 2010
My kids like to eat.

Ellie had been eating cereal for a couple of weeks and she was ready for more! We started with some homemade organic sweet potatoes. She got a funny look on her face at first, but she liked them. And she wanted more, and more! My girl liked to eat! Just as long as it wasn't green, she would eat it- she would start gagging as soon as she saw anything green! Silly girl!

Raspberry picking with Max in the backyard. There's nothing better than food straight from the garden!
"Hi, I'm Max. And I'm addicted to berries."
 MMMMMM! Good Raspberries!
 I miss our garden this year. We didn't plant one since we will be moving half way through the summer- I wasn't about to take care of a garden just so the new people could eat all the good fresh food! Hopefully we will have some raspberries before we move though!

Hungry Baby ready for her bedtime bottle!


LauraJane said...

Oh, I so hear this. Drives me bonkers. Makes me wonder why I waited as long as I did to get pregnant... grrr.

Super cute photos of your kiddos. :)

Natasha said...

This is so hard to see. Sometimes it just seems so unfair the people who have the opportunity to have so many children but yet act like they couldn't be bothered to even hug them. It makes me so sad. For those children and for all my friends how have lost a child or struggle with infertility and have never had the opportunity to even experience a pregnancy.

Your babies are so cute! Love that you had raspberries in the backyard!!! You have to plant those again at the new house!

Kelly said...

Amen. I didn't have difficulty getting pregnant, but I wonder often why some people get to keep their children when they pawn them off on others to watch them so they can get drunk very often. Or they complain about them non-stop. Or they say things like "my kids won't survive if they keep acting like this." I would never wish this pain on anyone, but I will never understand why this happened to me/us. We are great moms that just want to provide for ALL our children. (((hugs)))

B. Wilson said...

My sentiments exactly. Keep those legs shut.

And another thought. I'm SO GLAD you took all kinds of photos of Ellie everyday. I love these posts you do as I get to re-live her wonderful life.

Loved. Cared for. Deserved.

No excuses now. This is hell.

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