Thursday, June 16, 2011

How many body parts does this kid want x-rays of this week?!

Even if there is so much cotton in the air it looks like it's snowing causing Max and I to be all stuffy, the scent of a neighbors' illegal substance is totally overpowering, and a bug just flew up by nose... an afternoon in the sunny backyard with a little music, happy sweaty and dirty boy, and 7Up- Pineapple Juice drink, make up a little bit for our morning.

As we were leaving therapy today, Max reached out and stuck his hand in right where the door pivots closed. Not being nearly fast enough, I watched his two fingers get crushed in the door. Ouch. The door pinched down on the top knuckles, leaving a horribly scary looking indent on both fingers. It seriously went halfway down into his finger. I flipped his hand over and his fingers were already turning red, swelling, and one was getting a blood blister. They tried to give me ice. Ha. Yeah, he won't let me do that. I got him in the car, he kept crying a sad, pitiful cry. The swelling kept going...

The thought of urgent care or the ER with Max by myself made me want to pop about 12 Valium, so I called the clinic to beg for our pediatrician. Max only likes our Dr. C. My phone crapped out while I was on hold, and we were nearby so I just went in... A crying kid gets you necessary attention. So does a receptionist who knows that your other child isn't with you because they died earlier this year. Add in a little, "Max has autism and only likes Dr. C.", and you are in good shape...
An hour and three sets of x-rays later, we were out the door. Our good ol' Dr. C thinks the bones are fine, there may be one small crush fracture on one finger, but he didn't think so. He also said that if they x-ray'd all toddlers they would probably have some sort of crush fracture. Seriously kids, keep your fingers out of the door!

This evening, we should probably go over not sticking fingers into closing doors. Lesson learned Mommy.


Remembering June 16th, 2010

As an early Father's Day celebration, my family got together at my parent's house. My mom filled up water balloons. These people sure like to throw water at each other... The year before it was a water gun fight... Good times...

Grams holding a very tired little Ellie. Oh I miss that sweet sleepy face...
Ellie and Bompa
I love the light on her pretty smiling face in this picture!
Ellie and Auntie Em
Ellie and Uncle Micheal. I love how she is holding onto her blankie wihle watching the action
Evan checking out the balloons
Maxer trying to burst a balloon
Max and Ma


ccc said...

Poor, poor Max. And, poor, poor mommy!
And, why does the phone always die when it is something important??!!

Natasha said...

Awwww man- fingers in the door is no fun. Poor thing. Glad he wasnt too hurt although I'm sure it didn't feel that way to him.

Pictures are beautiful as always!


LauraJane said...

Poor little guy with the sore fingers. :( Glad you were able to be seen by Dr. C ;)

BTW, I've mentioned this 1000 times but you make beautiful babes. I love that photo with the light on her face. So beautiful. :)

New Year Mum said...

Ouch... poor little thing. Must have been so painful and so difficult to see him go through it. Glad to hear it's not broken... plaster on a toddler would be a nightmare. So sorry that I'm behind on reading/commenting but thinking of you always xoxo

Anonymous said...

I can't remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I have been following it for the past few weeks.
I have to say, that your courage and strength amaze me. Many days your story weighs on my heart and I frequently pray for you and your beautiful family.

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