Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last Year at this Time...

...we were at the State Fair. A rather large undertaking with a 7 month old, and a 22 month old, who not only doesn't like new places, people or activities, but has a milk allergy, which means most fair food isn't going to cut it. But both kids did awesome and we had fun!
I don't think we are going to get to the fair this year- I'm a little bummed. It's good people watching, and the food... of course, I go for the food... yes, definitely sad about no fair food this year...

A favorite Ellie picture! Piggy ears for our little piggy!
Max checking out the sheep
I love the way she looked and smiled at us when we talked to her!
After much discussion, it was decided that a two one-seater stroller approach would be best- as opposed to the huge bus two-seater.

Max and Mommy on the Giant Slide
Max's favorite part of the day- the empty trailers for sale on Machinery Hill. It was a little windy that day, as you can see by Max's crazy hair!
Peanut hanging out in the shade for a little stroller break. I love seeing her sitting up a like a big girl!

Max+ Fries= Fair Food Heaven... finally found a vendor that would share allergy information!
Tired and sweaty Peanut!

John Deere's Kids Farm. Excuse my INSANE hair- it was really windy!
Max had a little Mish Mash (pureed fruit in a pouch) incident. We were bad parents and laughed and took pictures before cleaning him off. And yes, he was eating Mish Mash he scraped off of his face while he was crying... Poor guy.


Mary said...

I love Max's face coming out of the trailer...and I can't help but giggle at his reaction to the MishMash incident. I love seeing your pictures! Thank you for sharing!

ccc said...

You have such great pictures all the time! You have documented their lives so well. I need to do that better.
I agree about the two strollers instead of the big double bus!

Harlowe said...

I just took my 1 yr old to the state fair for the first time on Saturday. He handled it like a champ and even took an hour long nap in the wagon (who can resist a sleeping wagon baby!). His hair was super matted down with sweat, too. But yeah, by the end of the day we were ready for home. What great pictures of the kids enjoying the fair.

Aunt Kerri said...

Priceless picture #1 - Ellie in her oink hat thing-y. And, #2 - Dave and Max laughing til it hurts. What JOY!

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