Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Elle Belle is so amazing!

Ellie's Uncle's Sister (got that??) sent me this email today and it gave me chills. She even included proof in pictures. Thank you for sharing this with us April! And so glad you are ok!

"Hi Tiffany,

I have to tell you my story.  So ever since the Ellie’s Light Event I’ve had the picture of her with the bell attached to it on my visor under my garage door opener, every time I hear the bell I think of her (so everyday).  So on Sunday I was on my way home from grocery shopping and was at a four way stop light, I was the first in line at the red light waiting for it to turn green.  As I started to proceed through the intersection a big truck ran the red light, missing me by inches, I slammed on my brakes so hard and thank goodness everyone else did behind or God knows if I’d be here right now.  But as I put my foot on the brake Ellie’s picture fell down from under my garage door opener and fluttered into my face and onto the floor.  The garage door opener and other piece of paper I had on my visor stayed put, moved a little, but stayed up there.  I attached some pictures so you could see.  She is working in mysterious ways all the time.  I told my mom this story and she just starting tearing up, she truly is an angel.""

April's car visor with the garage door opener and paper still in place...

Ellie's picture and bell on the floor of her car

And if that isn't enough for today...

While Max was at therapy this morning, I went to the cemetery like I usually do. I cleaned off Peanut's headstone, took out some wilted flowers and talked to her for awhile before leaving. I usually turn the radio on as soon as I get into the car, but for some reason it was turned down when I got back in today. I was already on my way out after a trip to the garbage when I turned up the music. And of course, it was "Rhythm of Love" by Plain White T's. Ellie's song. It happens ALL the time when I leave the cemetery (and many other times). This isn't the only video I have on my phone of this, but it is the only one I've figured out how to get off of it! By the way, did you notice the light dancing among the trees and reflecting on the camera??

Our Peanut is still here among us. Even if we can't see her, she's here. This is proof.

Remembering August 16th, 2010, 7:17am

I've said it before, but I can't believe I am the lucky one that gets to be her Mama!


Angie said...

Such a special baby girl!! I'm so very glad Ellie's uncle's sister is okay!! I always feel and see Aiden in little ways like this. xo

LauraJane said...

She absolutely, without a doubt, is with you.

The story about the visor and the bell gave me chills.

crystal said...

That just gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes!!!

Natasha said...

SO amazing! Ellie is such a special little girl! I love the video too Tiff :)

It never ceases to amaze me how they find ways to remind us they are here with us and that they love us!


Mary said...

Wow! Way to go Ellie! I love the fact that our kids liet us know they are still here, still watching over us. Just beautiful!

Kelly said...

So, so awesome!


What a neat story, amazing!

JoyAndSorrow said...

Love it. xo

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