Monday, August 1, 2011

Flowers for Sissy

A storm swept through the area today and the wind broke a cluster of flowers off our hydrangea bush. Max brought the flowers to me and after I said, "Oh Max, thank you, they're beautiful!" He said, "Put in Sissy's garden." So we did.

Sweet boy. Who knows what goes on in his mind. I doubt he remembers Ellie and any reference he makes to her, is likely because of what we say or do on a regular basis. It breaks my heart to know that Max will have little to no memory of his sister. But I love it when he brings her up on his own. And love it even more when he wants to do something for her.

Remembering July 31st, 2010

So Ellie. So silly. So goofy. I love the "Look at how cute I am" look.

 Goofball with an upside-down nuk.

Dave and I went to the Twins Game this night with some friends, and dressed the kids in their Twins gear just so they didn't feel left out!

Remembering August 1st, 2010

Ellie would wave her arm back and forth to get herself going in her bouncy seat. She was always tickled with herself.


Natasha said...

Love Ellie on the couch! So cute! How sweet of Max to want to take the flowers to his sister- love that too!

Kelly said...

It also makes me really sad, knowing that as Natalie ages she'll forget Adam. But for now, I know she remembers him, and I love when she brings him up out of the blue. Little sweethearts.


Great pictures. I am sure your son will have more memories than you think, if you guys talk about her and show him pictures, he will remember. At least that it what I hope for my youngest with her brother...we are ALWAYS telling her stories that happened because I don't want her to forget. ((Hugs)) Giving the flowers to his sissy was so sweet!

Tabatha said...

I was in love with sweet Ellie before but now, now she has stolen my heart!! Those pictures of her peeking over the couch!!! <3 <3 <3 And you're so right that she reminds me of my Savanna too.. I just know they're besties :) So sweet that max wants to bring the flowers to his sissy! you keep Ellie's memory alive for him.. by reminding him of his little sister.. he'll remember her i'm sure of it.. our little ones leave bigger imprints then we can even fathom! thinking of you sweet friend!

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