Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Weekend in Pics

Before Ellie passed away, we took a lot of pictures... I was that Mom! But after Ellie died, most of the pictures were took were of a funeral, a casket and a grave. We still took the occassional picture of little man, but not a lot. I didn't really want to capture memories if Ellie wasn't going to be apart them. It was hard enough to just get through an event, a day, a moment; taking a picture was the last thing on my mind. It seemed like such an effort, and when I didn't really want a record of our pain, it wasn't worth it.
But lately, I've been breaking the camera (and video camera) out a little more. And I gotta say, I kinda missed it! Which is a good thing because I start the Illuminate Photography Class that I won from Deanna's online auction. I am really excited to start! Anyways, I got a lot of good pictures of Maxer this weekend. We were pretty busy running errands and putting away boxes and such, but we had a lot of time to play with our little man too!

Going for a bike ride with Daddy!

Ellie did an amazing job painting the sky for us on Friday evening. The view from our backyard. Thanks Elle!
Ellie's Memorial Garden. Right now the whole thing looks pretty pathetic due to some dying plants :(. But one of the rose bushes does look great! I love this angel (that was given to us when she passed away) because the pinky on the left hand is positioned funny, which Elle did ALL THE TIME! and the toes are kinda doing their own thing too- again something she ALWAYS did! Plus it's a child/baby angel- not a big robed, creepy old lady angel, and I like that!

Tonight while I was obsessively pulling weeds, Dave and Max were "watering" the plants. Meaning Dave was trying to water the plants and Max was trying to water himself! Dave finally relented and just let him play in the water. He was soaked!
Despite it's appearance, this is actually not a look of horror, but one of enjoyment!
Ready to go back in... I love the one dry spot on his rear!
We aren't exactly potty training yet, but with Max, all new things take time. SO, we are just occasionally having him sit on the potty ring...

Remembering August 21st, 2010
Hanging out at home...

Ellie and Daddy- she loved to touch our faces- especially our mouths. When she was really little she liked to stick her sharp baby finger nails in our mouths, behind our front bottom teeth and scrap our gums.Ouch! But for some reason, it helped her go to sleep. Weirdo!
Seriously- how cute is she?!
Max used to have a silverware obsession...
Setting the table for dinner


LauraJane said...

Beautiful night sky. I love these photos (and the story about the gum scraping baby nails). :)

ccc said...

Beautiful boy, beautiful house and neighborhood. He looks so much older now than the photos you post from last year. He is about the same age as my youngest who will be 3 in Dec. He is not potty trained yet--he does not mind wet diapers! Plus, if he is my last I am not in hurry to leave the diapers behind( I never thought I would say that!)
Take care

Natasha said...

Love all the pictures! The new neighborhood looks beautiful!

So glad you're taking the Illuminate class! I took the one this past month and it was great! Enjoy!


Our Journey said...

I LOVE the new pictures and the views of the new neighborhood. How fun!

Mary said...

That sunset is just beautiful! What a perfect gift from Ellie. And, Max looks like he had a great time playing in the water.

I hope you enjoy Illuminate. Beryl did a wonderful job putting it together. Very emotional, but it was good. Very therapeutic too.

Harlowe said...

Max looks so happy in those pictures! It's funny about the gums thing, our little boy (who is actually over 1 now) is obsessed with our gums and teeth. It's both cute and painful.

Tiffany said...

such cute pics! so you were the one that beat me out for that class - lol. :)

Ashley said...

The sky pictures are gorgeous!!!!!!


Max is so cute!

Deanna said...

we saw that sunset while at Faith's Lodge and I thought of Ellie. One of the other mom's there took pictures, so I hope to get them from her! :)

TanaLee Davis said...

Oh my goodness. Those photos of max had me smiling from ear to ear. Loved them!! oh and Ellie's hands in your mouth story...ouch....reminds me of the dentist or something. Thank you for the reminder that even the smallest things can be enjoyable.

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