Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Candle For You

Tonight we light a candle for you on the porch on the table next to your little purple Christmas tree and beautiful picture. A lot of other people lit candles to remember you too, baby girl. After Ma, Kerri & Kaelin left tonight, Max was in bed and Dada was outside with the snowblower, I sat next to your picture and candle and read you a story. I don't know how many times I've said it already or how many more times I will say it before I get to be with you again, but I miss you. I want you back. We shouldn't be apart. I dread the next couple weeks- without you, nothing is the same. I hope you can still feel how much we love you because even though you aren't here with us, we love you just the same.
I hope you can see all the candles around the world lit for you and all the other little angels up there- I bet it's beautiful, just like you.
Missing you,


Anonymous said...

I continue to read your blog every day. And I still cry every day - the tears of one mom for another. Your family and your sweet Ellie cross my mind numerous times a day and each time, I say a quick prayer that God would take care of you, in whatever way you need it at that precise moment in time.


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