Monday, February 21, 2011

Caught on Camera

Every day as I look through the folders of digital pictures on my computer I am either greatly disappointed that I let a day pass without taking a picture of Ellie or greatly appreciative of the little moment I did manage to capture. It doesn't matter if it's a horrible out of focus picture or the world's greatest photographic accomplishment. Any picture of my Elle, is a picture of my Elle. And it preserves what I fear will someday slip away from me. Even if I have looked at a certain picture a hundred times since Ellie died, it still brings me peace. I still see something knew to be in awe of.
The pictures from one year ago today are no exception. They are the first pictures of Ellie smiling we have. She had been smiling for a couple days already at this point but I either wasn't quick enough to get the camera or I was too captivated by her beautiful smile to care about the camera. Even the pictures of her yawning I treasure. Who doesn't love a baby yawn? Pictures of a bare babe in the tub- treasure those too.
Of course, I wish there were more pictures of Ellie. I wish she was here to take pictures of for the rest of my life. But I am so thankful for the images we do have. Without them, so much would be lost with the passing of each day.
Ready for cute baby smile???

Remembering February 21, 2010
 This is happiness.
 Trying to get her to smile again- instead I got a her little tongue peeking out and a yawn!

 Baby in the Bath!

"Mom! Stop taking my picture and feed me!"


ccc said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures. I love how you took photos of her hands.

Tabatha said...

Love the hand pictures! Hubby use to poke fun at me bc I would take pictures of Savanna's hands and feet alll the time (they are my favorite!!) and now he thanks me all the time for being so crazy!! :) Pictures are so precious and like you I cherish the blurry and out of focus ones too.. I can't bring myself to delete even those. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful little girl and her mama :) Thinking of you daily!

Deanna said...

so precious!

Mary said...

She is beautiful! There are no words to express just how beautiful she is.

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