Saturday, February 12, 2011

No sleds?!

We live in Minnesota. And it's only mid-February. That means we have at least 2 months of winter left. Two more months of snow and cold. It would only make sense that local retail stores would continue to sell winter related products for at least another month. That however, is not the case. Like an idiot, I told Max, repeatedly, that we were going sledding. I thought we could run to Menards, get a sled and be on our merry way. No sleds at Menards. Well, a paper thin piece of slick plastic doesn't count in my opinion.
So we made the hard decision to check at Walmart. As much as I do not like Walmart, it usually comes through in the clutch. They had two sleds. Both were actually boogie boards with no sides to hold a wiggly toddler in or rope to pull said child back up hill. With a big sigh I trudge up to the cash register and bought it anyways. I told Max we were going sledding, so dammit- we were going sledding.
After forty-five minutes of sled hunting, we made it to an acceptable sledding hill. Max lasted five runs. Which was fine by me. By now, I was crabby, hungry and hauling him up a hill covered in a foot and a half of snow is no small feat.
So we went home.
What a colossal waste of time.
Seriously, it shouldn't be such a hassle to get a sled in MN in February. I found plenty of swimming paraphernalia, swings, bikes, hula hoops and patio furniture. But no sleds. No one in Minnesota will have a need for patio furniture until the two to three feet of snow melts and with the consistent sub-zero weather, I'm confident in saying this won't be for quite a while.

So after our huge sledding failure this morning, we had leftovers for lunch and are now all cuddled up on our bed watching Wonder Pets. If only our Peanut was here...

Remembering February 12th, 2010


TanaLee Davis said...

I remember a few years ago looking for a snow shovel because for the first time in years we had a huge snow storm.(Oregon)(we get snow mostly on mt.hood but it doesn't usually cover more then an a few inches over grass- at least were I live) I couldn't find not a single one. I needed boots too and they were fresh out. I am glad you found a sled to make your boy happy. Wonder pets- Wah-hoo! sounds like a day I'd love to have. Thank you for sharing-

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