Friday, February 11, 2011

Scary Elephants & Weather Reports

Yesterday Max and I had a "lazy" day. As lazy as a day can be when you have to take care of an autistic two year old, in the winter, make three meals, snacks and do laundry. So I guess lazy just means we stayed in bed watching Wonder Pets until 7:40am and didn't get out of our pjs until just before lunch. As Max and I were hanging out on the couch in our jammies, I was thinking about a day last year when it was very cold out and I kept the kids and myself, in pjs for most of the day. Sometimes, especially when you live in Minnesota in the winter, it's just better to stay in your pjs all day.

Anyways, when I looked through the picture folder today to see what we were doing this day last year, I smiled to myself when I saw that this day last year, was pj day.

Remembering February 11th, 2010
Like Max, Ellie loved the playmat. While Max seemed to have an intense hatred for the bird (seriously- he would glare at it and then squrim around until he was in position to kick it...), Ellie seemed to have a slight fear of the elephant... as evidenced in the next picture...
 It was about this time that Ellie started getting a scared look a lot. Funny, but a little sad...

 Max watching the morning news. Yes, he went through a phase in which he LOVED the morning news. Not the Today Show, but the local Kare11 news. And his favorite part...
The weather report. I'm not joking when I say that if he heard the little song indicating the weather update, he would come running from a different room. And stand in front of the TV just like this. It was almost like that high pitched noise that only dogs can hear. The funny part is, that before long, Ellie was cranning her head to see the TV when the weather report came on too!

Whats wrong, Little Peanut? Is the weather report over??


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