Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recipes for Ellie's Light

Ellie's Light needs your help!

I am going to start putting together our first fundraiser very soon! I have decided to put together a cookbook and all money raised will benefit Ellie's Light.

So we need your recipes!

Here's the important part: With EACH recipe submitted, please include a simple pleasure- something simple that brings you joy. For example, for Ellie, a simply joy was stealing Max's Georgie or banging a tin pie plate on the wood floor. These simple pleasures will be included with each recipe to remind people to find joy in the everyday things around you.

If your recipe is being submitted in memory of someone please include their name.

How to submit the recipes:
  • Find us on facebook! Ellie's Light has a fan page. Just search for us and "like" us. Once you have "liked" us, go to the Discussion section and find the recipe topic. Just add your recipe there.
  • Email them to
Thank you!

Ellie's simple joys: watching her toes wiggle, throwing duplos across the porch or port-a-crib, banging on the play xylophone, puffs, homemade banana-mango popsicles, giving sloppy open-mouth kisses, cuddles, dancing- especially to "King of Anything" and "Rhythm of Love," stroller rides... I could go on and on...

Mama loves you Little Peanut!


Stacy Evans said...

Finally! A post I can comment on. I've read every post, but I don't think I've commented. I never know what to say. You are such a strong woman. ♥

I will definitely submit some recipes for you.

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