Saturday, February 19, 2011


Before we moved into our house, Dave and I bought a couch and oversized chair for our living room. We wanted something comfortable andsomething that could handle the wear and tear of future offspring. After several weeks of looking, we found, at the last furniture store in the metro area, the perfect couch for us. It's probably a little too big for our small living room but I don't care. It is so comfortable. It is the best place to spend a cold day all cuddled up under blankets and watching tv. It's the best place to take a mid-afternoon nap and it's the best place to sit and have a glass of wine and some popcorn in the evening. But the best thing to do on the couch, is sit with a cuddley chubby baby.
When Max was born, we immediately discovered he needed to be held all the time. It was the only way to keep him from throwing up everything he'd eaten in the last 24 hours. Dave and I both spent many, many hours sitting quietly on the couch with Max while he slept. There were times when I thought I would go crazy sitting on the couch. I definitely have watched way too much crappy tv since Max was born. But now that Max is an on-the-move toddler that can only be cuddled during a Wonder Pets viewing, I really miss our couchtime.
When we brought Peanut home from the hospital, I found the most comfortable place to nurse her was on the couch. If I sit on the far side, next to the wall I can see the tv, out to the backyard, into the dining room, the hallway and parts of the kitchen, porch and playroom. It is really the perfect place in our house to sit and still monitor a sneaky toddler.
Ellie was much better at sleeping without being held than Max was, so most of our couchtime was spent nursing. But sometimes when Ellie was restless at naptime, I would just snuggle up on the couch with her while Max napped in his crib. Dave usually brought Ellie downstairs in the morning when she woke up and cuddled on the couch with her until it was time to shower. For the first several weeks of her life, we put her bassinet or boppy on the couch with the footstool in front of it, so Ellie could nap safely out of Max's reach. When I am really missing Ellie, I sit in my corner of the couch and curl up with Ellie's blankets.
Our couch is almost like a 5th family member. I dread the day when the couch finally collaspes in exhaustion.

Remembering February 19th, 2010
A view from the couch...

I like how both children are dressed and clean but I am still in my pajamas...
Seriously the greatest thing ever.......

Little Charmer


Poor Ellie was having a hard day on this day. I remember that this was the only way she would sleep. For awhile, her reflux was pretty bad and required plenty of couchtime. I would give anything for a little couch cuddle with Ellie...


TanaLee Davis said...

Awe tiffany!
These pictures melt my heart. Your babies are so precious. Just a side note- I can't believe your camera picked up so clearly the TV. lol
Ellie's little faces are so sweet. I'm so sorry that you have to go through all this.Hugs-

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of her hands. I take pictures of my son's ands and feet....I never want to forget them.

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