Monday, February 7, 2011

Hanging at Ma & Bompa's

Remembering February 7th, 2010

Feb 7th was a Sunday last year. The weather was nice (for MN- we have low standards) and Max had never been to play in the snow. So we took the kids over to my parent's house where their cousin Evan was for the day. We got the boys bundled up and while Bompa (my dad) held Ellie, we headed out.
Evan was thrilled. Max was not. He lasted for about 5 min. He let Dave pull him on the sled and that was about it. To his credit- there was no way he could move underneath all the clothing I had dressed him in. We did get some good pictures though!

After Evan and Dave were done playing in the snow, we had some lunch and took more pictures of the kids. Our goal was to get ONE good picture of all three kids. This is a nearly impossible task with three kids under three. But we tried...

When Max was born, Evan was thrilled. He couldn't wait to get his paws all over Max and was such a good little helper. But when Ellie was born, he wasn't too impressed. Of course, he was now a mature preschooler and didn't necessarily have the time to entertain a baby. But his crazy picture taking Aunt (me) wanted a picture of Ellie and her only cousin. Evan finally gave in and held Ellie. You can totally tell that he wasn't in to it- his cheeks are bright red! But he cooperated long enough for me to get the picture. And I am so glad he did, because there are very few pictures of the two of them. In the end, we got our picture of all three kids!


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