Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Million Tears

"A Thousand Words Can't Bring You Back,
I Know Because I Tried
And Neither Can a Million Tears
I Know Because I Cried."
~Author Unknown

Ellie~ Mama is really missing you a lot lately, more than normal- if that's even possible. You feel so far away. I just want you back to cuddle and kiss. Max has been playing in your room a lot the last couple days. Last night I found his nuks in the fish tank toy and the fish had been dumped out on your rocking chair. He has also been taking your Make-A-Bear teddy bear out of the toy box a lot and sitting in your closet. Maybe he is missing you extra too lately. I love you Angel, Mama


February 1st, 2010
Just hanging out with my babies- does it get any better than that?

 Both kids HATED tummy time until they were old enough to push up. At least Ellie didn't just lay there face down like her brother did!


Tiffany said...

i've really been missing Julius alot day too. :'( i had a *really* dark few moments earlier today as well. gosh, i really hate being on this earth without my baby boy. this is torture. </3 wishing our babes were back with us where they belong.

btw, thx for grabbing my baby boy's button. it was such a sweet surprise to see his face on your blog. i have your button on my blog too under the "Juju's friends" pg. ♥

Anonymous said...

i cant imagine how you manage to pick yourself up every day. the wounds of this tragedy will never heal, but you are doing as good as job with dealing as anyone would. you are a role model for more people than you will ever know. makes me appreciate the little things in life. thinking of you every day. you are amazing!

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