Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Happy List

Happy List

Reminders of my Peanut
I love to see Ellie's name written. And I love when I know other people are thinking of her too. It gives me peace to know that she isn't slipping away...

Ellie's Aunt Emily took this picture today. "Ellie Ct."

Let's Dish
My very kind and generous co-workers from the hospital bought nine meals for us at Let's Dish and they were dropped off this week. They already gave us 8 meals last month! It's so nice to have something easy to make for dinner. We are getting sick of pizza and Noodles! Thank you 8th floor!

Max Being Max
Max has decided that certain things, especially tortillas, need to be eaten in "Daddy chair." He looks so old sitting in the big person chair. I don't know why, but it makes me smile!

Murphy's Oil Soap
We have been obsessively cleaning our house the week to get it ready to put on the market and we cleaned the cupboards with Murphy's Oil Soap. They look so pretty and shiny!

DQ M&M Blizzard
Dave just went to DQ to get me a blizzard for my very sore throat.

Afternoon Walks
The weather has been nice this week so Max and I have been taking long walks in the afternoon after his nap.

Baseball is back!
I would like to say the Twin's Opener is on the Happy List for this week... but sadly, they got brutalized. Maybe we shouldn't have gotten rid of Punto! :)
Max sporting his Twins shirt... we had high hopes...

Remembering April 2nd, 2010

This pictures make me happy and sad all at once. We got the little kids together last year to dye eggs the day before we celebrated Easter. I remember this day, the older kids got to skip school and we all just hung out and had fun. I'm so sad Peanut won't get to ever experience this again. But so glad we at least got to do it once with her...

 Max dying Easter eggs. Mostly he dyed his hands...



Caroline said...

Beautiful list !
Wishing you a happy week

New Year Mum said...

Love your happy list and always love to see Ellie's name and photos of her... thinking of you always xoxo

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