Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Girl, at work again...

Ellie~ You have been quite busy my little girl. You always seem to know when I need you. The couple weeks have seemed especially sad. Thoughts of you occupy my every second. I see you everywhere. I see you in all we do. Except you're not there. I see what should be. The should-be has been flaunting itself in front of me a lot lately. It's hard to be excited about something that is only happening because you aren't here. It's all so bittersweet. The only thing getting me through lately, is you. I know you are here. And today, you proved it. Again. I am missing your chubby, long fingers, wild and crazy hair and goofy little smile. I can't believe it's almost been six months since I've held you. It feels like a lifetime. Stay close, I need you.
Love you forever and ever, Mama


As I sat in my car today, waiting for my friend, Lo, to come pick me up, I was listening to the radio and started thinking about my girl. Lately, I can't stop thinking about her. I miss her so much. My slipped on the steering wheel and bumped the button to change the station. And just like that, Elle was with me. "Rhythm of Love" was playing on the station that my accidental hand-slip turned to. I immediately smiled, knowing that it was Ellie.

So Lo arrived and we were off... Lo had lured me out of the house today by offering to take me to the Twin's Welcome Back Luncheon. I obviously couldn't pass that up, or an opportunity to hang out with my Lo. There were a lot of people there and we got to see the Twins. I was a little bummed we didn't get to meet any, they were ushered off after lunch to get ready for the game tonight, but it didn't matter. Because Ellie had other plans. I think Lo and I were there for a reason other than the delicious steak and baseball player oogling.
As we sat at our table, I read the name tags of the people near me. I noticed one man's tag said that he was from the hospital we are trying to work with. So just before the lunch was over, we introduced ourselves and found out he plays a big part in the foundation for the hospital! We could not have met a more perfect person at a more perfect time! He gave me his card and said to contact him with Ellie's website and we would work on getting things going! Amazing! I got some serious goosebumps. What are the odds?! Thank you Ellie!!
So between that, and an email I got from a very nice nurse in the PICU, I am really hoping we can make some progress soon about getting these memory boxes into the hospital and to the families that need them!

Finally, I got an email the other day from a girl I went to college with. I barely know her, but she sent me a beautiful picture of a pink sunrise they saw the other day. It's gorgeous! Thank you so much Jenean! I really do believe Ellie is all around us. I am so grateful that I feel her close to me lately. It really is what's sustaining me.

Remembering April 12th, 2010

I was especially thrilled today when I checked to see if there were pictures and I saw that I had dressed the kids in matching Twins outfits on this day last year! It must have been the home opener and the opening of the stadium that day. Max is even wearing his Twins shirt today!


Kelly said...

Wow! That is so awesome that you met that person today! I so hope this a step in the right direction!

ccc said...

There was definitely Divine intervention going on that day--especially orchestrated by Ellie!!

Sorry I did not get to that letter yet for the hospital--maybe you do not need it anymore?

Kayla said...

I had never heard "Rhythm of Love" before you posted about it. Then driving in the car the other day I heard and immediately thought of you and Ellie dancing in the playroom! I said a prayer for you as soon as I was done singing =) I'm so glad that Ellie made herself known today in just the way you needed!

Deanna said...

Yay, Tiffany!! I am thrilled to hear this news. I knew that Ellie would help you overcome this roadblock, in her project!! Thinking of you, and your sweet little girl who is doing amazing things!!

TanaLee Davis said...

Isn't it fun when things like this happen?
Hope things continue to go in directions you want including ellie's light and the hospital.

New Year Mum said...

Your gorgeous Ellie is definitely with you... with every heartbeat. So special that you can feel her presence with you and signs that she's near. Love to you always xoxo

Tiffany said...

they are so cute in their outfits. i'm missing your baby girl and her chunky thighs. wishing she was here with you. :'(

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