Saturday, April 9, 2011

Helluva Week

What a long, long, loooooong week. My mind is so jumbled that I haven't even been able to put together enough coherent thoughts to produce a post in several days!

Here's the overview...

Germs, yucky, gross germs:
My family shares. Mostly we share germs. My mom, grandma and I have had some sort of nasty sinus infection thing going on for several weeks. Add in some allergies, and it's been awesome. I am seriously getting my ass kicked by some microscopic little jerks! Enough already! I would recommend buying Kleenix stock. We are going through them like you wouldn't believe!!

Our House:
We put our house on the market on Monday afternoon. This week, we had five showings by Friday afternoon. I am not complaining about the amount of showings (because in this market, that's unbelievable!) but I am complaining about having to have a SPOTLESS house ALL week. It's Spring and there is gravel EVERYWHERE. I'm not even sure there is much left outside. I think it's all been brought in the house via Max's tennis shoes! I had to wake up Max twice from his naps (you don't wake him up- it's not pretty) and disrupt his schedule. I will say, he did very well with all the changes, but we are having a lot of Mommy Issues and a lot of tantrums!
We also had to have pictures put away all week. We took down all family pictures and packed them up but left out Ellie's pictures. I just hid them for showings. I hated putting her picture away. But they are back out now! I also had a really hard time knowing people were in our house. Yes, we need to sell it since we bought another house, but it's hard. This wasn't the plan. I am super paranoid about people being in Ellie's room. The thought makes me want to throw up. I am terrified of someone touching her stuff and leaving their smell on it. These issues are only going to get worse in the next few weeks because....
We accepted an offer yesterday! Holy Moly, that was quick. Way quicker than I thought. I am not, at all, prepared for this. I cried at our poor realtor (again) yesterday when we talked about the inspector going into the attic because the access is in Ellie's room and we will have to move her changing table. Ugh....

Ellie's Light:
We are trying to work with a certain hospital to get memory boxes donated and assist with getting other supplies to help families. They are being so, so, so difficult! They are saying there is no need for memory boxes, the grief information they give is enough! Oh shut up! I do not understand why the hospital would be resistant to a group of people making, assembling and donating memory boxes to give to families. It doesn't even make sense!
Well, now I'm mad. Super mad. So, watch out hospital. You don't mess with a grieving mother who is trying to do something in memory of her daughter. It's on!

Yeah, I'm referring to you husband!
He had to go out of town for work this week and was gone from home for four days! It sucked. All of the above had to be done without him :( Thankfully, he doesn't have to do that again for awhile!

Neighborhood Sewers:
They started to back up today. Thankfully, Elle was watching over us today and Dave just happen to look at the exact right time as it was coming up over the floor drain. He was able to stay ahead of it with the wet vac. Our poor neighbors had a lot of water in their basement though! The city had to come out and get some roots out of the sewers.
Water is the basement= not a good thing, especially when you just signed papers to try and sell it! It always something!!

Just really, really missing my girl. My empty heart has been very heavy this week.

I am very much hoping that this coming week is a lot calmer and less stressful. The cookbook needs some serious attention- if I'd only known how much work it was going to be! Almost done adding all the recipes to the data base... I think I can, I think I can...

Remembering April 8th, 2010

It was a Friday afternoon, we went to lunch and then took Max to play at his favorite park. I love this park because the ground is all rubber- no sand to get into shoes!
 I remembering that Ellie slept in the stroller for a little bit before waking up to nurse and then fell back asleep. It was rather windy so we mostly kept her bundled up in the stroller. Here she is all snuggled up with her blankie-

Looking pretty cute wearing her babylegs!

Max giving Ellie a toy- for some reason he always placed them on her face!


LauraJane said...

Congrats on selling the house, and so quickly too! At least the showings will end now that you have an offer. I hope the move is easy on you, I can't imagine it *really* will be... But having something (anything) to look forward to again is a good thing.

Your photos are beautiful.

Deanna said...

I hope you are feeling better soon!! Congratulations on the sale of your house, will be thinking of you as you transition into the new home. Thoughts and prayers always!!

Beth said...

Would also like to add to your list that you've helped a stranger in Texas know better how to support her friends who are in the hospital with their 4 yr old son who was just diagnosed with cancer by responding to her frequent and long emails ;) You are a saint, Tiffany, to do that when your hands are already so full. I'm forever grateful and inspired by you.

Congrats on the quick sale of the house. I know the move will be difficult, but just remember that Ellie is not the house. She will be with you always.

And what is up with the hospital declining the memory boxes? Ridiculous. My motto lately (in my head of course) is "a little less conversation, a little more action please." In my case its regarding the "fake" offers to our friends of "let me know what I can do" knowing full well they don't plan to do jack. In your case, you are taking action and these morons are trying to block it. WHY? No need? You are a mom who has been through it and you see a need. I'd be tempted to ask them what their loss was that makes them the expert. Regardless, need or not, is a nice thing. I suppose they would also say there is no "need" for Kleenex, because there are some crappy ones provided. No "need" for good blankets. You and I both know there is a deep appreciation for something better and provided with love. That hospital is gonna lose this one for sure.

New Year Mum said...

What a week !! Sorry that you've got so much going on with germs on top :(( Sending you love and thoughts from here and will definitely write a letter for you to let those hospital administrators know what a difference your boxes can make xoxo

Tabatha said...

What a week my friend! Congrats on the quick offer! That is definitely amazing in this economy!! Hoping everyone is feeling better!! I know with the high pollen out our way the sick is going around! I am still so completely floored that a hospital would refuse something like this.. it's absolutely baffling.. will be praying for those people.. I know I'm far away.. but you know I have your back 200% and will do anything you need to help you and the world know Ellie! Love all the pictures.. I clearly never met you or Ellie or Max.. but through your stories and your daily photos.. I feel like I do know her and you and Max.. and I can't wait to meet your angel one day.. sending you lots of love

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