Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy List Saturdays

It's been a few weeks since I've done a happy list, so I suppose it's time again...

My new Tropical Fruit candle
(thanks Mom!). It smells SO good!

Serving dinner at Ronald McDonald House
I thought it was a really good way to spend the day. Otherwise I would have sat at home feeling bad for myself. I still missed my girl and it was hard going about the day knowing that six months ago, we said goodbye to Ellie. But I think Ellie is happy with the way we honored her.

Friday Morning Date- with myself
After I dropped Max off at school on Friday morning, I went to Caribou, came home and sat on the couch. I watched TV, uninterupted TV. Then I took a hot shower without anyone screaming at me or crying. It was amazing.

The Royal Wedding
I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit that I watched it. I didn't get up early or anything, I just DVR'd it. It's all so fascinating to me and it's a great distraction. Everyone was so happy, even the people standing in the way back of the crowd. There has been so much sad and devastating news lately, it's nice to watch people come together for something happy too.
Kate Middleton Dress

Fried Ravioli
I bought them in the freezer section of Target. Dip them in a little marinara sauce and O.MY.GOSH are they good.
fab* reci...

Max's Masterpieces
Max has actually been painting and using markers lately! It takes a lot of encouragement, the use of a picture schedule and only lasts about 10 seconds, but it's an enormous deal for him! Plus I finally have little arts of work to save!

Ellie's Flowers
I got some bright pink flowers for Ellie on her six month Angelversary on Monday. I was going to take them out to the cemetery but it's been to rainy to go out there, so I kept them here. I'm glad I did because they are so pretty!


TanaLee Davis said...

Love the list. Like you I hadn't made a list for a long while. But doing it felt good...despite all that I said, I have more but I can't share until later.


New Year Mum said...

Love your list... you do so many lovely things in Ellie's honour. Loved watching the Royal Wedding too... there was soooo much hype here in Oz about it but was truly beautiful to watch. Such a gorgeous painting and beautiful flowers. Love to you always xoxo

Kelly said...

Fried ravioli is a St. Louis staple (where I'm from), only we call it toasted ravioli. :) It's not even on menus and rarely even heard of outside that area. I miss it so much! Gonna have to look to see if I can find it somewhere out here. It's is SO YUMMY. Glad you enjoyed, and I love this list. :)


Beautiful sorry about the loss of your daughter, I lost my son almost 9 months ago :(

Found you on the Blog Hop :)

Deanna said...

friend ravioli looks like serious trouble!!

you do many things to honor Ellie, I am glad to have gotten to know you!

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