Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby toys and Pictures

Elle Belle~ Tonight I have been busy. The playroom needed to be re-organized. Much like the rest of the house, it fallen into chaos since you left us. So I went through the art supplies, the puzzles and toys. I knew I had to put the baby toys away. Max never touches them, and I had to do it eventually. Every toy that went into that box, took a little piece of me with it. I could just see you sitting in front of the drums & xylophone, pounding away and giving me that goofy grin. I kept thinking about the way you loved to lay on your back, use your feet to pick up the toy and bring it to your hands, which brought it right into your mouth. It was so funny!
After the playroom was straightened out, I started putting pictures on Snapfish so I can update yours and Max's baby books and photo albums. I loved going through the pictures and seeing how much you  changed everyday. But it makes me sad to know that after I add these pictures to your book- that's it. There won't be anymore pictures of my Peanut to be printed. It breaks my heart.
I miss you so much Baby Girl.
Love you forever and ever, Mama

January 29th, 2010

Our Peanut is two weeks old in this picture. From the very beginning, Ellie loved to be held like this, all cuddled up with her head tucked right in by yours. Which was perfect because you could constantly smell that sweet new baby smell. Look how perfect she was. Sigh...

EDIT: Found more pictures in a different folder. Better than Christmas. Here they are...

 Meeting Kaelin for the first time!
 Yep, that's my son smelling his feet...
 Giving sissy a kiss
 Cuddling Ma


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