Monday, January 3, 2011

For always

"I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always.
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be."

Goodnight, sleep tight Little Peanut!
I love you!


Our Journey said...

Oh, sweet Elle. I love this picture.
Thank you for your comment on my blog. Yes, I would be honored to have Eden's name on a blanket. Thank you so much for making my sweet angel part of this.

Tiffany said...

:'( beautiful and so very moving. <3 i wish we could read that directly to our little ones while they lay sleeping in our arms. but unfortunately we can't. it's just not right. no one should have to live with this pain.

thank you so much for you comment about the blanket. i would LOVE for Juju to be a part of that. thank you for thinking of him ♥

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