Friday, January 28, 2011

Thank Yous

In the past few weeks, I have received some very beautiful things that remind me of our very beautiful girl and I just wanted to share them with everyone.

But first I just want to say, THANK YOU to Franchesca for my very lovely new blog design. I love it! Franchesca is the mother to beautiful little Jenna, who was taken from her much to early. Franchesca is a creative genius. She designs blog for many baby lost moms and has many projects on the side. Check her amazing work out at her website Small Bird Studios and be sure to look at her blog.

Another amazing baby loss mommy named Carley operates a website called To Write Their Names in the Sand in memory of her baby, Christian. Her family makes almost nightly trips to their nearby beach in Australia and writes the names of angel babies in the sand at sunset. She takes a picture and posts it for each child. They are beautiful and mean so much to us to have lost a child.

A very kind man named Matt at WordTraits drew a picture of Ellie for us. I sent him a picture of our girl and words that described her. These words make up the picture, very thoughtful. It's a beautiful tribute to our Peanut! Thank you Matt! Please check out his work!

Finally, Nancy at Seeds of Love made a very special gift we were able to include in Ellie's birthday party favor bags. She printed personalized wildflower seed packets- they were a perfect addition to Ellie's ladybug themed party. I LOVE the idea of our friends and families planting flowers that will bloom in memory of Ellie. I can just picture her smiling up there when the beautiful blooms come up. Out of the kindess of her heart, Nancy also provides seed packets for children's memorial services.

Almost everyday I am surprised by the extreme kindness, compassion and love that exists amid such heartache and sorrow.
Thank you to you, those I have never even met, that have shown us such kindess. Your acts of selflessness are so appreciated and treasured, especially in hard times. It makes my heart happy to know that Ellie was remembered and thought of. Thank you.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

What beautiful gifts you received. Franchesca is awesome, doing so many wonderful things for BLM. Carly too, I love what she does. Your daughter Ellie will never be forgotten and will always be in my prayers. ((HUGS))

Tiffany said...

Omg love what Matt did for Ellie. I'm so blessed to call him a real life friend. Such great remembrances of your Ellie & baby Bee <3

Franchesca said...

Sending so many hugs to you Tiffany. When I first lost Jenna I was constantly amazed at the generosity of this baby lost community I found through my blog for her.


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