Thursday, January 27, 2011


A fellow BLM blogger posted this today. All I can say is YEP. This is exactly the point I was trying to make yesterday. It brought tears to my eyes when I read this today because it was so right on.
Thank you for sharing this Tiffany... Please go visit Tiffany at her blog here and here to see how she is honoring the life of her beautiful little boy Julius.
The Bereaved Mother

To those of you who look away when I grow teary eyed in the baby department, look a little deeper. Surely you have some compassion in your heart.

To those of you who change the subject when I speak my child's name, change your way of thinking. It may just change your whole life.

To those of you who roll your eyes and say we barely had them at all, how could we miss them so much, in our hearts we have seen them live a thousand times. We have seen their first steps, first day of school, their weddings, and their children. We have had them forever in our minds.

To those who say we can have another, even if we had twenty more they would never be the child we lost, and we will always miss them.

To those who say get on with my life, I have. It is a different life, the life of a grieving mother. One with a tremendous amount to be thankful for, but also one with a lot to mourn the loss of.

Do not judge a bereaved mother. She comes in many forms. She is breathing, but she is dying. She may look young, but inside she has become ancient. She smiles, but her heart throbs.

She walks, she talks, she cooks, she cleans, she works, she IS, but she is NOT, all at once. She is here, but part of her is elsewhere for eternity.

Do not dismiss us: we have shaped more than just the future generation. We have released all the tiny angels who are watching over you.

Open your eyes to us, and you just might see them.

~ Author Unknown
This picture of Ellie was taken two days before she got sick, three days before she died. We were at the mall with my mom. Did she pick up that bug here?
She was SO proud sitting in the car, she loved doing the big kid stuff! This is one of the only pictures we have where she is wearing a barrette in her hair. It was the only way to control it- without it, her hair just stood straight up. I loved that her hair was long enough for a barrette. This is the ONLY picture we have where you can see her two teeth. It kills me to look at this picture and see how healthy and alive she was and to know how she would look two days later.

Pretty Girl~ I want more than anything to reach into this picture and grab you and never let you go. I know I told a hundred times a day, but you are beautiful. I miss you Peanut. Love you, Mama


Tim said...

Please forgive most of us, words don't come easy and the more you think of cliches like "she's in a better place" the worse you feel for saying it because most believe there is no better place than being held by your mommy or daddy? We look away because seeing pain hurts so bad and part of us knows that by the grace of God we are not living your nightmare. To those that roll their eyes, tell you that you can have more children, and question your pain, well (your choice of a really bad word) them.

I don't have a way to contact you other than this blog so I will ask here. How is Max doing? I know you posted that he had started school and had done so well. I'm sure spring cannot come soon enough so he can release some energy outdoors. I hope your family has the best weekend possible at this time. God Bless.

Tiffany said...

Thank you for including me & Juju in your post!! :)

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