Friday, January 21, 2011

Six day old Peanut

We went to bed the night before and when we were up for the day- BAM! It's like she came to life. She started making all those funny baby faces, you know those faces that as a parent you just laugh at and think are the cutest thing you've ever seen! And all of sudden she decided to open her eyes a little more during the day. She started raising her eyebrows and showed us that she gets forehead wrinkles like her Mama.

She is wearing Max's old pjs in this picture. I can remember thinking,"I can't believe Max was ever that small!"
All dolled up and ready for.... more eating, pooping and sleeping I guess. But she sure looked cute while she did those things. For the first few weeks she held her hands like this and LOVED to be wrapped up in a fuzzy warm blanket. Just like her Mama.
I love that fuzzy little head, perfect skin and inquisitive look on her face!

In bed with Daddy. I remember climbing in to bed with these guys and cuddling up until Elle was ready to eat. Max was sound asleep (for awhile anyways) in his crib and as Dave crashed Elle and I cuddled up. Once she was full and sound asleep, I settled in and let her sleep on my chest for a couple hours until the next feeding. There is definitely something magical about sleeping with a baby, especially a newborn, snuggled up on your chest.
"I'm ready for bed!"

Little Peanut, I love you so much! Goodnight Baby Girl. "My love will fly to you angel's wings," Mama


LauraJane said...

six day old Ellie = sooo cute. I love how she's holding her hands like that too. Super cute. :)

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