Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thats it?!

Remembering January 20th, 2010

When I went to look at the pictures I had from a year ago, I was so sad to see that I only had two. Thats it?! Didn't I know how much I would need these pictures??

Anyways, from what I remember we had another nice day of just hanging out. After Max I tried to jump back into action right away and didn't rest enough. I paid for it. So with Ellie, I tried to rest more and let other people do the chores. Plus when you are nursing a newborn, you are kind of glued to the couch anyways! Not so bad :)

Shockingly, Max went and sat down next to Ellie to play- all by himself. This was the first time he got that close on his own, and she slept through the whole darn thing!

Sleeping through a diaper change. All ready for bed!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to remind you how many people you are touching by writing this blog. Ellie will forever be in my thoughts, along with the rest of your family.

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