Sunday, January 16, 2011

Looking Back...

I have spent much of yesterday and today, thinking of about these days last year. This gave me an idea for blogging, the Looking Back series. 2010 was the Year of Ellie. So for as many days as I can this year, I am going to write about what I can remember, if anything, from last year. It will mostly depend on if I have pictures to help me remember what we were doing on any specific day. I am still going to write about other things but I wanted a way to help me remember what I can about our time with Ellie. I think this is a good way...  

So Looking Back to January 16th, 2010

Our first day with Ellie was amazing. She slept well in the nursery and about woke up to nurse every couple hours. After getting a full belly and some cuddles, she was perfectly content to be swaddled and placed back in her bassinet. She continued to be perfectly healthy and thankfully didn't have any of the scary choking episodes Max did. My Aunt Kerri surprised us early in the morning with special Ellie treats!

 After she left we had some more time alone with Ellie before Lo showed up to meet Peanut. Lo spent some time with Ellie while I ate and got cleaned up. After Lo left, we all had a little catnap.
Around lunchtime my parents brought our Maxer to see us. I had been missing him a lot. I had never been away from him for more than 24 hours and not being able to see him was very hard!
Around the same time Dave's mom arrived with Ellie's Great Grandma Marian to see her great-granddaughter.

We put Ellie in her first pair of warm fuzzy jammies- she loved them. By the time everyone left, we were exhausted. Ellie was definitely ready for quiet time! We took a rest and cuddled our little girl.

After dinner Court and Aaron came to see Ellie.  
As soon as they left, Dave and I got ready for early bed and watched some of the mandatory discharge videos... boring. Did you know you shouldn't shake a baby? Did you know the best thing about shaken baby syndrome is that it doesn't have to happen? We should have been exempt- we just had a baby 15 months before!

Dave watching the Shaken Baby Syndrome Video
 After Ellie was fed and had fallen back asleep, we took her to the nursery for another night of closer observation.

To me, there is something sacred about those few first days in the hospital with your brand new child. You can't help but be in awe with the miracle before you. The pride of showing your baby off to the rest of the people you love and seeing how much they love you child, instantly, is incredible. Watching this new person start to adjust to the world outside and realizing that you can love someone you just met as much as you love your baby is indescribable. As hard as it was to be away from Max when we were in the hospital, that time alone with Ellie was amazing and necessary. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Ellie loved to sleep like this the first couple weeks


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