Monday, March 21, 2011


I'm starting to wonder if I have sudden onset ADD. I can barely complete a thought- completing anything much more difficult than that is not very likely to happen. Most of the day, I wander around the house from room to room, trying to remember what I am supposed to be doing. I think I went down to the laundry room at least three times today and just stood there looking around. Wondering what hell I was supposed to get. I did however, remember to grab a couple meals out of the freezer to thaw for dinner the next couple days. But I'm pretty sure that was just because I opened the freezer in an attempt to jar my memory. But then again, maybe I did go down there for dinner... who knows anymore!

Maybe if we didn't have a million things going on here right now, I would have a shot at remembering most of what I need to do. But lately, I feel like there is so much, I can't even concentrate enough to make a To-Do List. And oh man, I love a good To-Do List. Anyone with a toddler is a little short on focus, add in a toddler who constantly repeats everything he's ever seen on Wonder Pets and you start think you're losing your mind.

We signed papers on our new house this weekend, which means we have to get our house in order and on the market ASAP. Our Realtors have told us to clean as much out as we can and to "de-personalize" our house. So we've started packing our lives away into the large metal container outside. I've refused to touch Ellie's room until I have to- meaning until we move out. But all the baby things- bottles, swings, bouncy seats, outgrown clothes- they all had to be loaded up. Clothes that she hadn't even grown into yet- gone. I have a sore on my bottom lip from biting on it so much this weekend. This process has only just begun. And I'm pretty sure it's just going to keep getting harder.

There was something else I wanted to say but I can't remember what it is... go figure.


Remembering March 21, 2010


Tabatha said...

My sweet friend.. i only know so well this ADD you're talking about! Hubby and I will be talking and no joke, in mid-sentence I will forget what I was telling him! It's sooo frustrating... funny at first, but now just darn irritating!!

I love that second pic.. with max looking back at Ellie.. just so sweet!

thinking of you always my friend


New Year Mum said...

I hate that feeling of not being able to remember things... I don't know what I would do without my lists sometimes. Love your photos... they are both so gorgeous xoxo

Natasha said...

It will come back to you- I do that all the time and I hate it!! I feel like a little old lady :) Good luck with the packing and moving! Love the pics of the kiddos- so beautiful!!

Sending lots of hugs mama!

Boo's Mom said...

I've read some of your blogs and thought I'd share my insight (if you dont mind <3) I'm wondering if instead of ADD maybe you have PTSD from losing your beautiful baby girl. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can really mess with your mind and your every day actions. Just a thought.

I love reading about your babies and I love how you include your memories of the same day during the previous year.

Stay strong Mama! Even though I dont know you personally, I feel like I do know you.

Good luck with your new house!

Our Journey said...

I know the feeing!! I feel like I am always doing something and never finishing one thing before going on to another.
I meant to comment the other day...Congrats on the house!! I wish I lived closer, I would come and help you pack. :)

Mary said...

I know that feeling all too well. Part of my problem is, if I sit still too long, my mind wanders to her. I start to miss her; I start to cry. So I try to keep my mind moving, as well as my body. I keep myself busy.
Congrats on the new house. And thank you again for sharing the pictures of Ellie and Max. Such a beautiful glimpse into their lives.

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