Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ellie at work

This afternoon my mom called me to tell me a story... Her friend went to visit Ellie at the cemetary today. She had never been there and didn't have any idea where Ellie was buried. "Ellie's Park" has no monument headstones, only flat ones, so it's hard to tell where spots even are. She drove around for awhile and couldn't tell where she was. Then all of a sudden, "Rhythm of Love" came on her radio. She stopped right away and looked out her window. She noticed several things hanging from a nearby tree. After walking over to the tree, she noticed it was Ellie's spot!
My mom's friend, asked my mom if she thought she was crazy. My mom said, "no, that's just our Ellie."
And I couldn't agree more. Ellie wanted her to find her spot so she gave her a sign. That's totally Ellie, just wanting a little attention.

I love you Peanut!!


For the last several days there haven't been any pictures from last year... I can't believe there were eight whole days I didn't take pictures of Ellie or Max.

Remembering March 31st, 2010

The above pictures were taken while Max was down for his afternoon nap. Ellie and I usually had some time by ourselves before she went down for her afternoon nap. It was nice quiet time. Since there was no one trying to walk over her, she could play on the floor without fear. I loved our time in the afternoon, she could get my complete undivided attention and her mood was always so great that time of day. We would lay on the floor, check out the toys and learn exciting new things, like rolling over and giving kisses...

After Max's nap and snack, the kids and I went for a walk in the afternoon sun. Then while Ellie slept in her carseat, Max and I played in the drive-way and front yard. I love his smile and excitement about being outside!

Nothing like a stroller ride in the spring air and sun to put a baby to sleep.

We start chores young around here.

I miss our afternoon playtime...


Our Journey said...

Your right Ellie is at work. What a wonderful story. It just gives me hope and reassures that our little angels are alive in heaven. Sometimes I just need the reminder.
Love the picture of her chunky little hand! How precious!

Deanna said...

How beautiful! Such sweet photos, such precious children. Thank you for making me smile! Knowing Ellie and River are playing, smiling & watching over us is so reassuring that we can keep going. Much love to you!!

Tabatha said...

I just love it.. all of it! I love how our little angels make their presence known and give us signs and sightings.. they seem so far (at least in the way we want them they are) but they are always so close.. Love love love the pictures as always... her sweet little hands! love to you mama! xoxoxoxo

crystal said...

Isn't it amazing how God allows our children to get our attention in ways we never would have thought of? How He continues to do the same thing over and over several times until we say hey maybe God and our Angel are trying to show us something. Then as we sit, watch, and listen we realize what they are trying to show us or tell us. Sometimes it may be a Bible scripture or sometimes it may be just a sign that they are near. Hope you have a great weekend. Praying for you!!!

Mary said...

That story just gave me chills. I love that Ellie sends signs. Wow. Kids never cease to amaze me.

Beth said...

That story is amazing. An unmistakable sign.

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