Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy List

Last week I visited Natasha's blog and saw her Happy List. I loved this idea. I feel like Ellie really helped me to take pleasure in the simple things in life. Like most babies, Elle was fascinated by things like her hands, toes and a tupperware container. The smallest things delighted her. I feel finding joy in the simple things is part of Ellie's legacy. So I was really excited when I saw Natasha's blog hop today!

Happy List
 What's made me happy in the last couple days...

How could this kid not make me happy?! He says things like "Take care now" when people leave and climbs up on the big table chair to help himself to the strawberries.

He always makes me laugh. Even when I don't want to. Sometimes this irritates me, but mostly it makes me happy :)

 If you haven't seen this, you are missing out! It's wildly inappropriate but so, so funny.
After an entire bottle of wine it's even funnier (right Nikki?)
Check Daniel Tosh out!

Homemade Chocolate Twinkies.
Wow. Just wow.
P.S. I did not make these. I wish.

Salt, butter. Mmmmm.

Criminal Minds.
As if Derek Morgan isn't reason enough, the twisted and completely appalling nature of this show is a good distraction. And that is always a good thing.

Good visits with friends and family.

Stupid YouTube videos
Some are funny no matter how many times you see them.


I also want to include Ellie's Happy List. We were lucky enough to get just over nine months with our Peanut. We got to see her start turning into an amazing little person. I am lucky enough to know what Ellie's list was. I'm sure it would different now as an almost 14 month old (kills me to think of her as a toddler...) than it was a nine month old. But her Happy List makes me happy!

Ellie's Happy List

Homemade Banana Mango Popsicles

Puffs (also known as Baby Crack)

Getting a hold of Max's Georgie
Video from last week: Ellie and Georgie Video

Her blankie

Baby Beluga by Raffi
I sang this song to both kids all the time to get them to calm down. It seriously worked EVERY time. Ellie would just flop her head down on my chest and pretend to close her eyes. I can't even begin to count how many times I sang this to her when she was at the hospital, hooked up to all the machines. And we had everyone sing this at her funeral. It was her favorite lullaby. This is not the Raffi version, this is a little more adult friendly.

Her jumper.
We finally had to stop putting her in it. She was getting a little out of hand.

I could add a lot more to Ellie's List. But I think I will save some for next time.

Great idea Natasha! Doing this list made me happy!


New Year Mum said...

What a gorgeous list... and love the idea of including Ellie's list too :) You have so many lovely photos of her... such a perfect angel xoxo

Caroline said...

What a beautiful list. So nice to include Ellie's. She is so precious !!

Have a Happy week !!! Your blog is beautiful !!

Tabatha said...

I just love love love that you added Ellie's list in there too!!! :) I couldn't help but giggle at Max's response.. too cute!! And it's soo funny that you say that about your hubby making you laugh even when you don't want him too... mine does that ALL THE TIME!!! And he thinks it's hilarious!! funny though, I wouldn't have him any other way! Even if I want to choke him sometimes!! LOL xxoo :))

Natasha said...

Love your list Tiffany!!! I love that Max says "take care now"!! How cute is that!!! I love popcorn and funny You Tube videos too!!! My hubby finds a new one like every 5 minutes! He's big on making me laugh even when I don't want to. Yay for your hubby for doing that too!!! And you look beautiful in your wedding pic!!!

Love, love, love that you shared Ellie's list too!!! Love her monkey and those banana mango popsicles look so cute!! Thank you so much for sharing your happy list mama!!

Heather said...

I am a new follower of your blog, your story is so heartbreaking and you are so strong! I love your lists, Max is so cute! Ellie's list is adorable, my son is 15 months old and he loves a lot of the same things as Ellie she is just so precious.

Shelby said...

Love this idea. I have been following your blog and I want to say that you and Ellie inspire me. You are so strong and I think of you daily! Blessings to you!

made in mn said...

tosh.0 with a bottle of wine and the best of friends is fantastic! oh and hugs from the Maxxer and memories of Elle Belle :) Oh and this is Nikki

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