Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ellie's 1st trip to the zoo!

Remembering March 5th, 2010

Last year March 5th was a Friday and that meant my mom only worked a half day. I wasn't brave enough to take the kids out to too many places by myself yet, and we were getting a little stir-crazy. So we decided to take the kids to the zoo. And it was Ellie's first trip. I laughed as I packed up all the stuff that would be needed to take a 6 week old and 16 month old to the zoo for a couple hours. Max usually loves the zoo, especially the aquarium and Ellie mostly slept. She did wake up once for a bottle and then cuddled in with me while we walked through the Minnesota trail. I remember being so excited when I renewed our membership and added another family member. When we renew our membership in the next couple weeks, we have to subtract one. Just doesn't seem right...

 Finally at the zoo with practically everything in our house packed into the double stroller....
 Yes that is my son licking the glass at the zoo... disgusting... in his defense, he was "ki-ki" (kissing) the fish... still gross
 This is just a preview of the many looks of disgust she would be giving us in the next few months. She especially liked to give them to her Daddy :)


Tabatha said...

I just adore all the pictures you post!! The one of little man licking the tank is priceless!! And Ellie.. always so sweet and precious!! Glad you were able to have that experience!!! :) xxoo

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