Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a gift from Ellie?

My cousin was over the other day and told me about a surprise her friend recently got...

The day Ellie died, my cousin Ang was supposed to spend the evening with her friend, K. But Ang cancelled her plans with K due to Ellie's passing. So K decided to go out on a date with a guy (Mr. X) that had been asking. K's date went very well and the two have been together ever since October 25th.
And they recently found out they are pregnant!

Of course, I know not everything is about Ellie. But when I heard this, I immediately thought, Ellie sent a baby. Because Ellie died on October 25th, K and Mr. X went on their first date. And now they get to be parents.
For some reason, it made me so happy to hear this. Strange and unexplainable things all the time. Sometimes they are awful and painful, but sometimes they are amazing and beautiful. Unexpected or not, a baby is an incredible thing. A true miracle. And cannot help but think our Peanut had a chubby little hand in this one.

Elle Belle~ I love you so much little girl!

Remembering March 9th, 2010

Forgive the messy living room in the background- it's what happens when you have a 16 month old and 6 week old. I love this picture of Ellie, sound asleep in the midst of a cluttered living room with a toddler on the loose. During the first couple months she often took her morning nap on the couch in her bassinet or on the boppy. I would put the footstool in front of her to keep Max at bay. She loved to be covered up with a warm fuzzy blanket and have her cheek up against the boppy. And her hands were almost always holding each other, unless they were holding a blankie. She looks so tiny in this picture.

Love those hands. She just looks so peaceful.


New Year Mum said...

Such beautiful photos of your Ellie... she looks so peaceful. Also, an amazing story of life - I'm sure Ellie played a part in it. It would be so special if you had the opportunity to meet this baby in the future one day xoxo

Desiree said...

Sweetest picture ever!

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