Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Kids Department

I wonder if I will ever be able to walk into, or for that matter, near, a kid's clothing department with wanting to burst into tears. Target and Kohl's seem to be the worst. Probably because that's where most of our kid's clothing came from. For me, one of the best things about having a girl, was the girl stuff. The dress, skirts, hair bows, tights, cute babylegs, dolls, tea sets. Seeing all the cute new things at the store hasn't gotten any easier over the last almost five months.

I thought by now, that part would be easier.

Of course, I hadn't remembered Easter dresses. Last year, I was so excited to buy the kids' Easter outfits. Max had a cute purple button up shirt, khakis and dress shoes. Ellie had a polka dot dress, white sweater, white tights and a red bow. For Max, Easter will mean nothing. He won't get any enjoyment out of the family thing, although if we practice beforehand, he may like the egg hunt. I think Elle would have enjoyed it this year. Even if she didn't get the whole Easter basket thing or egg hunt, she would have picked up on the excitement and been all smiles- all day.

Thankfully, a lot of stores have mostly really over done and ugly, tacky Easter dresses. But I gotta say Target, has very cute dresses, as well as a lot of cute girl's clothes in general. Tonight, we HAD to go to the little boys section to get socks for Max. I mostly avoided looking at the little girl/ baby section but when I threw the socks into the cart, my eyes landed on a super cute purple dress. Ouch.

Max is starting to outgrow his clothes now and will definitely need some new summer clothes. I'm thinking I will have to do some online shopping this year.


made in mn said...

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